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Fire: Universal or Storm and Ice Resist?

Apr 19, 2010
I'm trying to debate over to have universal or storm and ice resistance. I think having storm and ice resist is really great considering storm wizards are overpowered, and for the ice wizards, I have to build up to defeat them because of their massive fire resist and having resist to "resist" their attacks would be great. Right now, my fire wizard has the following gear on:
Hat- Guard Of The Sun Fire Armor
Robe- Guard Of The Sun Fire Armor
Boots- Zeus's Flamewalkers
Wand- Teeth of the Lords Of Night (Level 90)
Athame- Blade of the Felled Titan
Ring- Alpha and Omega Ring-
Pet- Blaze Beast (with 6% fire accuracy, 14% universal resist, and MC Fairy)
Deck- White Fire Case
Added all up together my wizard has the following stats:
Health: 4,096
Fire Damage: 70%
Resist: 27% universal to all and 63% resist to ice and 78% to storm
Accuracy: 23% accuracy to fire, and 6% universal accuracy
Critical: 240% Fire critical, and 40% universal critical
Critical Block: 195% universal to all and 267% to ice and 247% to storm
Power Pips: 78%
Shield Piercing: 12%
Incoming Healing: 18%
Outgoing Healing: 31%
Is this a good build up, cause I think it is . I really need your opinions. Thanks
David Darkflame Level 90

Sep 14, 2010
that gear is awesome! how'd you get it?

Apr 19, 2010
I crafted most of the gear. And I forgot too mention, I have a life mastery necklace as my amulet. Trying to get Hades Amulet Of Divine Influence.

Feb 23, 2009
i'm a wizard but I think you should get those crafted boots from either Avalon or Azteca because Azteca ones give like 86 critical block too all and I think 6 resist too all and like 11-14 damage to fire and ice and some accuracy so get that if you must