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fight a battle fast or slow

Dec 24, 2009
hi i am ski23 and i am looking for some statues: hydra,headmaster,wraith,helephant,triton. I have heard which bosses to fight to get them but i am not sure if they are correct so please tell me if you know.
Also i have done sergeant skullsplitter so many times trying to get triton,and being a level 48 storm wizard i kill him on the first or second round.
I was wondering if you get the statues from
a fast kill,or a slow long kill.

Thank you
level48 storm wizard Wolf Dragon
level 37 balance wizard Sean Dragonhead
level 8 life wizard
:D :-D

Jan 01, 2010
You can find complete lists with pictures and who drops them at Wizard101central.com.

As far as I can tell, drop rate has nothing to do with the type/speed/number of players/size of damage or any other factor of battle. It is completely random. I fought Skullspliter about 3 days before he finally dropped the statue: I had been farming him for a several hours that afternoon. Gave it up for a while then went in for one last try before turning in for the night and BAM he drops it!

When I went to get the cyclops statue, he dropped in in 3 tries. Go figure.

Anyway, good luck!

Sep 20, 2008
You can read my central guide

or you can read Christo's which is better because it has pictures

Boss drops are random, but if you fight a boss a ton of times your bound to get your item soon.