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Feedback from a long time player; how I think this game could improve.

May 08, 2017
I just want to start by saying that this game is brilliant, but it's potential is HUGE!
The story is very well done by the devs, and I have to say the voice acting is top notch, I sometimes wonder how much effort it would of taken to make this entire game and add all the voice acting into it! (Especially Ozzy). These complaints are not about PVP (As I have never really done it) but about PVE, and I feel it is important because majority play PVE.

Anyways, I want to share my feedback; I've been playing this game on and off since I was about 10 (I think 7 years), so here's what I think could drastically improve the game :)
1. This game needs more types of dueling! The thing is, it gets repetitive, defeating a boss with a lot of health over and over, I think they realized this after Khrysalis, so they reduced the health and increased damage for bosses, It's good they realized this, but this isn't the right thing either. What I think would make dueling bosses more fun:
- More of a variety of bosses! Some bosses should have high damage, some should be tanks, some should use school utility more, some should cheat. Now of course, I know there is a boss for every single one of these throughout the spiral, but if this pattern was consistent throughout each world rather than waiting till Polaris/Mirage before you fight a high damage boss, that would be way cooler!

2. End of arc bosses should be more special. Something I've always wanted was to fight side by side with ambrose and the ravenwood clan as you take on morganthe, it would be a very difficult solo battle, but honestly it would be so fun! Same for malistaire, but maybe with cyrus? Also, I firmly believe that end of arc bosses shouldn't be farmed, they should be a special one off with your wizard, that would make it so so much more exciting! Also, on the note of end of arc bosses, malistaire (and morganthe to an extent) should be harder, honestly the old malistaire looked so fun! No horrible cheats which force you to play in a specific way (like that guy from barkingham, jackall), but still doable and difficult, especially nowadays, and finally it would be a boss where healing is extremely useful and necessary, because honestly hardly anywhere else is life needed. It's just kinda ridiculous that this final first boss... starts with a single pip and has no cheats with only 8k health. I think wizard101 devs actually had this idea at the beginning, when malistaire was really hard and sylvia drake helped us, that was so cool!

3. Change up the gameplay and story a little; Imagine if you were actually captured by morganthe as you failed to defeat her the first time, got captured, then you managed to escape from her (You were a servant to her), learnt new things, got ravenwoods help and were able to defeat her later on. Imagine if there were minigames rather than puzzles to unlock things (e.g a key)

4. Gear changes needs to be more frequent. The thing is, I don't like having the same gear for 40 levels (*cough waterworks gear *cough). I'm always trying to change up my gear, but I never can because nothing matches it. I love grinding for the best gear, but it's just not worth it most of the time. I mean, it just feels awful to have your critical rating go down a huge margin because you have waterworks at level 87 or something. You don't feel like you're improving, in fact, it feels like you're getting worse. That brings me onto my next point.
5. Leveling up should improve your character, not make it worse. The only stats that go up is health (By a very small margin) and power pips (Only to a certain level), otherwise your critical and critical block go down very fast. Honestly, I also think leveling up should be way more impactful, because actually there isn't a really big difference between most levels, I mean heck I know level 60s who have far more damage than level 90s for the same school. What I think should happen is that ALL/most stats (Some less than others) should increase after leveling up. This would make side quests much more relevant. I have a wizard who did lots of side quests + side worlds, she just felt just as bad if not worse than the other wizards, despite having same gear. Also, a wizard 10 levels higher should have a SIGNIFICANT advantage over one that is 10 levels lower. Not just a small boost (Or in some cases, a small reduction) in power.

6. Teaming up with other people is too easy. I personally think all bosses should have the cheat "Tardiness will not be tolerated" and damage should be increased with the presence of more wizards (With the exceptions of dungeons and difficult bosses). Because it just feels like a free win with other wizards.

7. The game is too easy up until avalon, even then, meh... I personally think minions/bosses should start with two pips in mid/late krokotopia (Eventually power pips and built up from there). And by marleybone the mobs should start switching up (Damage mob/Tank mob/Utility mob). Also, why on earth do dragonspyre mobs still use one pip spells? It just makes it so much more dull and easier, even freaking malistaire uses dark sprite (Like what? xD)

8. I have a little complaint about specifically dragonspyre, me and my sister have gone through that world multiple times and honestly there is just so much running! It's the most boring world going (Only gameplay wise though), Also, there are so many of those dungeons with heaps of floors which are also boring. But it's just such a shame because the storyline is brilliant!
9. Show off to non-members how fun this game is! By that I mean drastically improve the storyline and length of wizard city, It's just kinda a boring storyline (No offense) because you just help some people around the wizard city, there isn't really a huge link to the main story (defeating malistaire) or his backstory or anything, something I LOVED was when we could see the past of like morganthe, it is what made ghost avalon my favorite dungeon! (And playing as morganthe in Khrysalis).
10. Keep those different ways of playing wizard101! (Such as beastmoon hunt), those are so fun, and honestly I think those should actually be part of the questline, Imagine doing a beastmoon fight with krokopatra and her minions. I think you're just limiting the huge potential this game has by not adding it.
11. Open chat should be available for 13 and over, honestly I think it is a little ridiculous that someone who has their car license talks in an extremely restricted chat. I could understand for younger kids, but otherwise, it isn't needed. If people wanted to be rude, they can already bypass the chat.

Thanks for reading guys! I've been thinking about this post for a long time so I hope it gets noticed