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Down with earthquake!

Feb 15, 2009
Pvp players can keep their earthquake, I don't care about that. This message is strictly referring to PvE. I don't know how many times when I blade up against myth mobs and FIZZLE (which fizzling has also become a problem, since it happens every other turn) and then directly after that, they use their EARTHQUAKE on you and take away all their blades. I'm so tired of mobs doing this. Please take it away from them, or at least make a spell you can use to protect charms/wards.

Apr 10, 2010

I saw that really more in Wintertusk and learned quickly to not bother to use blades unless the opponent has only a couple of pips. I saw it even more in Zafaria. Defeating the myth mob can be done; it just sometimes takes a bit longer.

Mar 18, 2009
May 31, 2011
I know the frustration of getting things set up for a great attack just to fizzle and miss the opportunity or to have the enemy successfully use a defensive spell. For me personally I find tower shields particularly annoying. But if you remove earthquake from the myth mobs' deck then that opens the gate for others to clamber for other types of school mobs to have other school spells to be removed from their decks. This just does not make a whole lot of sense to me.

I have more than one wizard but only one that has made it to level 70 so far. That is my Myth wizard. Earthquake is one of Myth's defensive spells. When you face enemies from any school, you are going to face their defensive spells. No matter what school our wizard is from we will have one or two schools that is more challenging to beat.

Whenever I face an enemy or boss that defeats me or just really difficult for me, I step back and rethink my strategy; for the most part, in my deck set up and on a few occasions my gear. If that doesn't work the first time I try again and again, etc. (tenacity is one of my more annoying virtues LOL) Each time I can usually find something worth tweaking. I, also, make use of family and friends to help me with mobs. I very rarely use henchmen in mobs unless I am really desperate for one reason or another.

There really is no need to remove earthquake or any other spell from the mobs. They can be beaten with some patience and ingenuity, good traits to develop in more than just this game.

Feb 09, 2009
Nov 29, 2009
its called stragety man you gotta outwit the AI wait till they attack to blade your spells

Jul 25, 2010
Jan 05, 2010
I actually find this quite annoying as well but on the other hand it takes adjusting and requires you to think your way around it, not such a bad thing.

Sep 08, 2008
I see nothing wrong with it.

I rather have Earthquake spammed on me than some other AoE attack. That is because, Earthquake is so horribly weak and I don't mind it.