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Did you know...

Jan 03, 2009
Hi, these are some little fun facts about how W101 relates to our world. If you have any plz post.
Did you know...

Dragonspyre has Greek architecture and place names. (The forum, necropolis: meaning city of the dead, athenum: based off Athens, crucible).

The people in ds have German accents.

nehkebet, the first boss in the sphinx, is actually an Egyptian god (maybe goddess).

Ninja Pigs are historically accurate (the sanzoku bandits), ninja's wore dark blue not black.

oni and youkai both mean demon in Japanese.

gamma is the Greek letter G.

you can go to https://www.wizard101.com/posts/list/14458.ftl to see all the ways marleybone relates.

'lets make a deal' is a quest (I forget which world) but it is a game show which was very popular in the 70's.

frost giant is based of the Norse god of thunder Thor.

Achilles, Romulus (guard outside of Achilles keep in cyclops lane), and Eyus maximus are all people in Greek mythology. (Achilles is spelled diferently in W101 the way i did it was the way it was spelled in Greek mythology. Also i think it's just Eyus not Eyus Maximus in Greek).

In mythology there is an orthrus except it's Orthus (without the 'R').

Hyde Park is also a place in Boston and (correct me if I'm wrong) New York, as well as a place in London.

Meowiarty is based off Sherlock Holms' enemy Prof. Moriarty.

Krokankhamen is based off Tutankhamen, Krokopatra is based off Cleopatra, and Krokhotep is based off either Amenhotep (there were four of these, the last one renamed himself Ahkenaten, they were all kings) or Imhotep (the architect that designed the very first pyramids, not the great pyramids at Giza).

That's all i can think of (that isn't obvious) for now. Plz post if you have any others.

Jan 07, 2010
I believe the dragon in w101 is the chinese version of the dragon. (if i am correct) There is also a japenese. (sorry if i spelled it wrong) The japenese kinda looks like a snake.