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Death tips?

May 22, 2013
Hello everyone!

About maybe three/four years ago I started playing and I had a Myth wizard who I got up to level 38. I loved my wizard, but I got completely stuck and couldn't advance any farther in the game because I couldn't defeat any of the bosses (I solo). So after being completely frustrated I let my membership expire and I didn't really play all that much after that.

Well, obviously, I missed playing because I'm back! I created a new Death wizard, and I'm almost to the level and place in the game I was with my Myth. Specifically, I couldn't beat Vognir Runethief and I was getting stuck in the counterweights of Marleybone. And I have to admit...I am terrified that I'll get stuck again. I've been training Life and Ice as my secondary spells, but I'm being very cautious with how I use my training points. So if anyone has any tips for a level 35 Death wizard, like what extra spells I should know or pets I should get, please please help me out.

Oct 02, 2015
The key to questing is to have friends quest with you. I get that you are a solo player, but there are some things that are near impossible to solo and not recommended. While you were gone however, they created an option called team up with everything that has sigils. Use this option when you are stuck and if another player does this as well you can clear things much faster. I recommend once inside you add the person you meet so you can quest together for a couple hours or so. The last thing I suggest is to do the optional dungeons for better gear. I would really try and farm these at these levels: Mount Olympus 30, Waterworks 60, Tartarus 90, Darkmoor 100. Obviously you will need help with these dungeons which is what team up is for. It is important when you get to higher levels that damage is the most important stat to questing. Especially as a death, it improves your drain heals and makes your attacks like already having blades and traps. So pretty much having the best damage gear with rings and athames that give damage are best. I hope you enjoy your experience here. -Hunter BattleWielder-

May 22, 2013
Well....I just handily defeated Vognir Runethief at lvl 36. Now I feel a bit silly that I couldn't get past him before...

Sep 17, 2012
Death needs the least outside spells of any school. The key to soloing Death is always use drain attacks. Buff up as much as you can then hit. You kill them and heal yourself, then move to the next one with full health. As Hunter said, Damage is your most important stat. The more damage you do, the more healing you get.

Apr 06, 2013
I am a death wizard also. I would say, if you train in life, AT LEAST get satyr! It will help A LOT! If you have some crowns you can get some pets with spells that could be useful. just a tip: Do NOT buy pets with attack spells! You will never use them! I used to have a fire wizard, but she didn't get as far as my death. On my death, i am on Wintertusk and Celestia, and your in grizzleheim, here are some more tips: Get a mount-You can travel MUCH faster. Use a quest tree-Wiz101 central has some quest trees that can help you. Get a friend if your stuck-Weither there a higher level or lower, it can help! DONT use every spell you have!-Chances are, you probibly wont need dark fairy or goul in a boss fight in gh. Take some skelatal pirates and your strongest spells. Also TCs work.

Hope you win that fight,
Cori SkullBlood

Sep 07, 2011
Sounds like you are on the right track. Death is a great school. Seethe42 gave some fine advice above.

A couple more tips:

Until you get the Scarecrow spell at level 48, you may want to pick up some Scarecrow treasure cards for fights where you have multiple enemies. 1 vs 2 isn't too bad using Wraith or Pirate, but when you get 3 or 4 against one Scarecrow rules. Deer Knight is useful too, but you might have to farm Loremaster hundreds of times to get it.

Buff buff buff... train Spirit blade if you haven't already, and use a pet and/or amulet that gives a stacking blade or trap when you have a big enemy. Being able to hit hard ends fights faster, and gives you more health back from drain spells. Train all the Sun school damage enchantments as soon as you can - strong at 50, giant at 52, etc

Craft Sudrilund gear at level 56 or farm Waterworks for gear at 60 - it's the best in the game at that level and for quite a while after. It doesn't give accuracy though, so jewels that boost accuracy are a big help. You can craft them, get them as drops, or from the Death Jewel Pack.

Have fun :)

May 22, 2013
I really appreciate everything you've told me. I've definitely been doing better with my death wizard as a whole. I almost never get defeated in battles. I also just finished both counterweights! Whoo!

Just one more question... Cori Skullblood mentioned the team up method, which wasn't around when I first started playing, but the dungeon recall feature is also new to me. For tower dungeons, like Big Ben, does it take you back to the floor you were defeated on? Or do you restart the entire dungeon?

Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who left tips here