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Can someone in King Isle explain Item Drop?

Apr 11, 2010
Ok the subject line is terrible, sorry about that. What I want to ask about is how the item drop system works. I am a level 49 myth wizard now and I have been struggling to get the myth bombastic ring from SnowCrusher in the Drake hatchery since level 45. I have fought him nearly twenty times, somewhere in the teens I lost count and yet still have not received the ring. Is there a way you guys can make the system read which class is fighting what boss so that a wizard can actually obtain the item that matches the wizards school? I have way too much gold now. I don't want gold. I just want that bombastic ring. The whole farming task has become exhaustive and tedious now.

Is there some way to increase my chances of getting that ring?

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I don't believe that the drops take into account the school of the wizard. The rings are probably very low percentage, my guess around 1-2%. That means you should expect a drop every 100 battles. It would also not be uncommon to have it be one out of 150, stats are a wierd creature when dealing with chance.

My longest farming effort took over 100 battles (122) before I got an item I wanted....and that was before housing items dropping, before pet food drops, etc....

Mar 06, 2009
lol i can try helping you but idk if it will be great help.
- i would use his chest (if he has one and if you have enough crowns)
- i would get 3 grandmasters that are the opposite school of SnowCrusher
- i would keep trying lol
sorry i'm not a big help, i am just as confused as you are to tell you the truth! :P
but if you need my help with it i would be glad too.
my grandmaster Fire's name is Jesse GhostWhisper. when you get this reply, reply so we can decide when to meet (if you just wanna chat, be friends, &/or need help)

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Aug 12, 2009
you can get a better ring and athame from the gurtoks in malistare dungeon they give grand rings and athames i got all of mine on my first try

Mar 13, 2009
Maybe I am wrong, but that seems highly unlikely. Certain schools obtain certain school gear more easily than others. Life generally gets fire gear more often than any other. Ice generally gets more life gear. I know both of these are true because i have experienced both. Such as Snowcrusher's Bombastic ring, a myth item, i have looted on my ice character at least three times in less than one day of farming. This also happened when my fire character farmed Snowcrusher. But, mysteruiously a myth character fails to get the ring you are specifically farming for. Suspicious if you ask me........

Aug 14, 2008
Have you tried looking in the Bazaar? ( I don't think they sell them there, though I: )