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"Black Cat" Question?

Mar 08, 2009

When I logged in today, I noticed "Jack Hallow" standing in the Commons.

So I got a bunch of Holiday related quests from him. And while doing them something happened..

I think I had just completed the quest where you find the ten pumpkins (the ones sitting by various doors).

Well, after I talked to Jack, I noticed a message in the window area saying (among other things) "You received: Black Cat".

What is this "Black Cat"? Is it a pet?

I looked through my character's whole inventory and could not find any "Black Cat"..

What happened? Did I miss something?

I even checked the bank any could not find any "Black Cat" anywhere..

I took a screen shot of the message, when I realized there seemed to be nothing new anywhere in my character's inventory.

What is wrong? What is this "Black Cat"? And where is it?

Why did my character not get it, if the message said he did?

Am I missing something?

Thank You for any help!

Aug 14, 2009
Mar 08, 2009
Thanks for the information SpicyTaco!

I eventually discovered that the mystery item was indeed a card.

After re-checking my character's inventory countless times, I (finally?) came to the conclusion that it HAD to be a card, ..it could not have been anything else.

I must have missed the initial message that said it was a card, and was left with only that statement in the chat area.

Thank You, again! :)