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Best Hits

Jun 01, 2010
Okay i know i am not the only one that likes to keep track of my best hits. I have a level 71 death wizard and I recently hit over 26000 with a Dr Von's Monster by using spirit blades, a death blade, a regular feint, a treasure card feint, a death trap, and a curse. In that order. I could of done more if I had the treasure cards for the spirit blades, school blade, death trap, and curse.

Jul 06, 2011
i did 39500 with a gargantuan colossus, iceblade, iceblade treasure card, elemental blade, elemental blade treasure card, dragonblade, balanceblade, blade storm, and dark pact. also normal feint, feint treasure card, three different types of ice trap, elemental trap, elemental trap treasure card, curse, hex, ice prism, fire trap, fire trap treasure card, fuel, elemental trap, elemental trap treasure card, and last but not least,the fuel you get from the fire bettle treasure card. (i used this first)
if only it hadn't been for the weakness

Jan 29, 2009
o the other day i learned you could get the one in a million badge if you hit one million so, i went on my lvl 56 (now 57 i think) storm
this isn't the exact order, but i used:
tc supercharge blade(full pips, all power pip the card was 12% per pip)
supercharge blade(don't remember exact amount of pips, it was either full or near full o and all were power pip, the card was 10% per pip)
feint from amulet
feint from pet
feint from tc
elemental blade
tc elemental blade
dragonblade i think? it was from my pet
i think i also used storm trap and windstorm trap
hmmm what else?
o, stormblade
i did a critical
i know i used an attack enchantment, but i can't remember which one

(btw i was doing this on lady blackhope in unicorn way, or at least i think that's her name. anyway i was doing it on lady blackhope so i wouldnt need to worry too much about shields... i not exactly good at that on my storm...i have many wizards... ) anyway,
i did a hit of one million with my triton and now have the one in a million badge (or at least my storm wiz does lol)

Jul 21, 2009
May 10, 2010
Okay, well, I have:

Storm level 76
Fire level 72
Ice level 76
Myth level 72
Life level 72
Death level 72
Fire level 64
Myth level 64
Life level 71
Ice level 46
Balance level 44
Death level 44

All of these characters have the million in one badge, they have all hit the million damage mark.

Dec 29, 2009
Apr 26, 2009
The highest i've ever hit was about 80, 000. Just load up on special traps and blades from clothes, pets, and tc!

BTW: I'm a life: GO LIFE

Jul 21, 2009