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Best critical?

Feb 01, 2010
I'm level 85, currently in Azteca and I was wondering if anyone knew what the best critical gear for me would be? I heard people say it's the Avalon crafted gear but I just want to make 100% sure before I make it so I don't waste my time if it's not actually the best I can currently have. I've also heard people say that the best gear I could have is the Waterworks gear but I'm not sure if that's for critical, I just want to have the most critical I can.

Feb 17, 2012
I found it depends on the wizard you have. Crafting them can vary from world to world and what is best. I just learned that critical hit and block have been severely lowered so it might not make a difference. This changed when they added Polaris. If you still want to see you can look up on the wiki but again what works for one wizard is not going to work for all of them. Hope this was helpful. Brahm Raven storm wizard.

Feb 01, 2010
Well, I'm a fire wizard. I'm about to be level 88 now, so maybe I should be asking about level 90 gear now.