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best class to solo the game with

Sep 01, 2008
Once you get to Malistaire, the game simply becomes to hard to solo for the normal player. It is probably near impossible to solo Malistaire, and, yes, I know there are some who have done it. I have been able to solo most things up to the middle of Celestia, and even then, there have been a few bosses along the way in which I have simply been unable to beat while doing it solo. If you think about soloing Wizard101, I would recommend going Storm with Life as a secondary. Storm is slightly overpowered when it comes to damage, so I would say you could solo pretty far with the Storm-Life combo. I am Myth, but I rarely use the minions. For me, they ultimately end up using my traps, etc., on unhelpful things such as bloodbats. If there was a way to control these minions I'd use them A LOT more, but that has simply not been implemented into the game yet.

Joseph ThunderFist, level 56

Aug 29, 2013
I am a level 89 necromancer. I have soloed most of the game up to Azteca, but that is when it gets to hard for most (not all) to solo. I would definitely recommend death unless you chose to pvp as well, in that case I would go for a myth wizard. No matter what school it is always nice to find a questing partner, no matter what world.

Jan 30, 2009
Hi All :) I have been playing wizard101 for 5 yrs now and really this game is a multi player game. Which mean's it is best to play with other's. Now speaking of solo YES I have tried it when no one was on to help. I have a level 95 myth and a level 95 balance and honestly I soloed with balance up till malistare then I wanted help for the rest just because it makes it go faster for the game and you make new friends . But solo by far would alway's be a death wizard and still yet some part's they also need help.

Mar 05, 2013
I soloed with my Balance up to Malistaire and Jotun. I needed help with them. I pretty much soloed all of Celestia up until Trial of the Spheres. Soloed Zafaria except for a few bosses that I needed help with. Avalon and Azteca I resorted to Henchmen as the people I'd been questing with were no longer around. I'm up to the 2nd Brood Mother quest in Khrysalis and have mostly soloed. I think I bought henchmen for 2 bosses. I've heard people claim to have soloed the entire game...all I can say is they're way better at this than I am, and I'm not bad. My Death Wizard soloed through Dragonspyre and Celestia, except for Trial of the Spheres. It's about halfway through Zafaria. That Wizard seems to have had the least amount of trouble of all. I also have a Storm in Krokotopia and a Myth in MooShu. Neither of them have had an inordinate amount of trouble, except of course against Creatures and Bosses in their own school.

May 04, 2011
Well, all the schools are pretty good. Life is very good at healing with an OK amount of life and not the best of attacking. Myth school is good at taking off shields with two attack spells, and just taking off any shields. Fire is really good taking off shields too and attacking, but of course that would mean lower health and very little resistance/heal. Same with storm, except storm is the strongest school. Balance is pretty good it has nice resistance and health/shields and traps, but not the best attacks if up against their own school, but that judgement can be very effective without shields in pvp or any school besides balance. Ice is good with health and resistance, but low attacks. Death is good with healing and attacking and making it difficult for others to heal. But all schools have their advantages. So far I am lvl 78 on my main death and it is a really good school, I think they are really good to solo with if you just use it right. But of course any other school could be better, but right now in my opinion I think death is a good school and easy to get far with.

May 20, 2010
My highest-level wizard is fire, and I tend to be a relatively solitary player. I don't mind lending a hand but I usually won't go seeking help unless I absolutely have to. Some of the hardest parts to solo are the cheating bosses. As it happens, I think many of those bosses are a bit easier with fire spells. Two examples come to mind the most, as I'm just finishing up in Zafaria:

1) Belloq, in Stone Town - if you don't do damage to him in a round, he hits you hard. Fire specializes in DOT spells and he was quite do-able with my lv 72 Pyromancer & a fire minion (not a crowns henchman).

2) Tim-Tim (last boss in Black Palace) - uses a 90% tower that only goes away on rounds where someone heals. The "Link" spell seems almost custom-made for this boss, since you can whittle away at him while healing a bit. Also, that spell is very frequently cast by the fire minion so even if it does nothing else useful, it lets you focus on doing damage.

Anyway, with the various side quests and extra areas like Wysteria and Crab Alley, it's possible to level up quite a ways past what the later worlds are designed around, which is an advantage if you are soloing. Most schools will encounter bosses or areas that are easier with help, but I suspect if you build your deck correctly you'd be able to solo most content with any class. Anyone who is trying should probably acquire a life mastery amulet though, and some life spells. You get a lot farther that way. :)

Dec 27, 2013
Honestly, it depends on how you play. Taking the test will really help, but here's what I've got. When doing solo, the best thing to do is to get in, and get out. Fast. This will make your journey easier, and not frustratingly long. I'm not the only one out there who doesn't like long and drawn out battles. But, ice and life work just as well, you just spend longer in the arena. I recommend storm. Storm never gets enough credit, and though I'm lvl 28 with a disappointing base health of 825-ish, you can fix that two ways. I have 1,318 hp max ATM.
1) Secondary schools. Life is the best choice for you, fellow storm wizards. That puts you at the night of your power, not only being able to heal yourself, but, if you prefer team battling, others. Us storm wizards usually need a life wizard at our sides, (trust me.) but now you can go full speed ahead.

2) This is the most obvious one. Gear. I have the majestic bundle gear and armor. It increases my hp by about 500.

In conclusion, here's the best schools for going solo, and why.

1) Storm, & secondary school life. Fast battles,
High power, and the ability to heal yourself.

2) balance & whatever. They adjust the rules of combat really well, with shields and traps.

3) fire and life. Somewhat slower battles, (they tend to use spells like fire elf, which has, by the way, saved me
In battle various times) but fairly high-ish attacks.

4) life & fire or storm. Longer battles, but overall good for going solo, being able to heal themselves a good bit. Power pips, though, are pointless.

5) death. Drain spells work well, but against multiple enemies..? Not so much.

6) myth. I haven't got much good to say about them, good or bad.

7) ice. Long battles, low attacks. Even though you have the ability to last longer, a high up attack could very well eliminate you. Before you can defeat the enemy. They have the most credit, and I see way too many of them. Winter tusk seems like an ice world, to me.

~ dustythegriffinhawk, lvl 28

Feb 16, 2010
Only Star and Moon, especially moon. Star gives you upgrades, and moon lets you adapt to almost any fight. But, there is no such thing as a Star or Moon wizard, so we will have to stick with the normal schools.

Dec 15, 2013
I think by far the answer is life. it can be a little hard at the beginning but once you get forest lord and have some satyrs in your deck maybe a few rebirths your pretty much unstoppable.

Kane Darktamer level 63

Kane level 12

May 04, 2012
It all depends on your battle strategy.
I am a life wizard myself, and I have ventured through my journey mostly alone. At a few times (At the end of Avalon for example or Khrysalis!) I had a buddy to quest with, but overall it was mostly a call one of my friends sort of thing. Storm wizards are pretty easy if you want a speedy questing, but at times if you have some tough bosses, you may have to call up a friend. It is pretty much impossible to solo this game (Probably if you had a lot of time on your hands) but I think whatever school you choose, you'll do great!

Nov 05, 2011
I would say almost certainly if you're trying to go through the entire game completely solo the best school to use would be death. I myself have a promethean necromancer and I have been able to get through most fights within a couple tries. The only boss I really couldn't stand to solo was Morganthe. Be sure to bring Conviction and Vaporize because she SPAMS Mammoths and will Earthquake and Power Nova if you put a Convert on. Just some tips if you're really planning to go through everything solo.

Jul 16, 2012
For me, its death. Death are good at pvp too.

---Richard Shadowfountain level 92

Apr 04, 2013
it wouldn't really matter on the class just the stats don't you think? i mean if you really wanna know i would say life or ice

Mar 06, 2012
for me, i would say life. yeah, i said life. Most think its the most horrible class to solo, but really, once you get to the higher levels, most of the attack spells have the same attack lvl as the other schools. I am a life wizard and i have soloed most of the game, with an some help with the higher bosses (or if i just have friends on.) Just make sure you have a strong secondary school. I chose fire, but storm might do nicely, too. Hope this helps!
-Abigial PixieHeart Theurgist

May 13, 2013
In my opinion, there is no specific school. It all depends on how you play the school and use it to the advantage of soloing. And plus this is a MMOrpg so it usually should be played with other people (at times). Hope this helped!

Lvl 22(In getting there)

May 23, 2009
Of course as a Life Wizard I'm a little biased but I think life is amazing to solo once you hit level 90. So far I have soloed every battle in Khrysalis. I used o always have a questing teammate but once ou have Spinysaur you just build a routine: Blade,Blade,Blade,Trap,Feint,Potent Feint (oh and don't forget the sharpened blade) forest lord- dents boss take out minions then same process and kill boss with spinysaur OR the DoT will kill the boss (damage over time). But Death is the best and 2nd place is tied between life and storm.

Stephen Battlesword Level 92 Life Wizard
Alex Ironsword Level 30 Balance

Oct 30, 2011
I found the most 2 obvious ways be a is one way but if your new and just wanna beat the the storyline be a with cause ice has pro health and storm has pro attack your bassicly invincible your kind of the super pro wizard

Apr 11, 2012
Storm might not be the best school for soloing the game because they fizzle and not the best health. But as for Ice they have LOTS of health but barely any damage. wizards do have lots of damage but median health. Myth would be okay to use but you'd have to look at the good parts of myth before the bad parts of myth. The good part is you can use minions but that wouldn't be solo! They hit and stun but so does ice. Life would be okay to. I mean you can heal and there is some pretty good spells an do lots of damage. Death is a horrible school to do solo with! You can hit and heal but what more can you?! Balance would be an amazing school to do wizard101 solo with! So our winners are , and ! Those are just my opinon!
Megan Skywalker lvl 85 wizard

Aug 09, 2009
My opinion that the best class to solo (easiest) is Because generally, the school has the most health for a Wizard in the game. I know it dosen't have high damage as and , but if you have the right gear for an ice wizard, it can overpower any school, anytime.

Michael Windthief Lvl.95
Michael Dawn Lvl.95
Michael Thunder Lvl.90

Mar 31, 2010
I personally prefer having life atleast as a secondary school but storm, fire or death as primary. myth is always good too though because of the minions.

Lauren SkullCatcher Level 76

Oct 11, 2010
Death hands down is the master of solo thats what they are good at with the right gear and pets. You you do not need to rely on having a mastery item. I have done evertything on live solo without mastery, henchmen or potion bottles. Ice might be second runner up but they more than likey will be using a life mastery for some content.

Apr 23, 2009
I can't believe we're all still replying to a thread started in 2008...

I think Death is a pretty effective school to solo with. The drains aren't meant for team-play at all. Because of their ability to hit and heal at the same time, they have high survivability, which can almost be compared to Ice. They don't need much help when attacking, either, because they have the most buffs. Especially as levels progress, Death likes to deal damage to itself in order to get ahead, with spells like Sacrifice, Empower, Dark Pact, and Bad Juju. When their health gets too low, they simply need to steal health from their opponent(s).

Nov 21, 2013
In my opinion, Fire, especially with Life Mastery, has the easiest time leveling. Storm would be at the top of my list due to raw killing power and the convenient Tempest, but their health (or lack of) and difficulties getting around shields is why I give Fire the edge. Fire has the next-best damage, many AoE spells, and plenty of damage-over-time to cut through shielded enemies.

Mar 01, 2014
My current combo is storm with life (through satyr) and death (through feint). For soloing I have a smaller deck with a couple healing cards, blades, traps, kraken, tempest, feint, and triton. I suggest getting good gear, like zeus's set, because it has given me 39% strength and 17% accuracy, meaning I don't have to use more than one blade on a normal battle and I fizzle about the same amount as a life would. I've mainly soloed through mooshu, except for some bosses and dungeons. What works for me is a lot of power and healing for back up. I like my setup too because I work well in groups with minor deck adjustment and can be a powerhouse or a healer depending on which is needed. It really just depends on playing style, I had a myth character which I struggled a bit more with, but I also had a really poor fighting style at the time. The best tip for soloing is don't fill your deck. It wastes time if you have to discard and time is precious when soloing.
Katie Smith level 46

Jul 25, 2012
I've been soloing most dungeons (including the 2 towers, big ben, all of the mooshu ones except shiritaki temple, all of the annoying dragonspyre ones except the last one cause its impossible to solo....) since forever fine with my balance wizard with only the occasional help of friends or minions.

Melissa Summersong lvl 48 balance wizard