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best class to solo the game with

May 31, 2009
I believe that no class is the best class... Although I do believe that the Schools of Ice Balance and Life have their advantages but the most with ice... With ice most people are blinded by the low damage and pips lower damage and lower pips than life! But when you know how to use ice it is a very good class... for example... Ice has a move named steal ward that allows you to take enemies shields, including absorb shield to yourself, not to mention by pips armor (Ice/frozen armor) ice is also the class that let's you add the most to your attack 70% for no pips. Ice also has shields that can stop almost every class (maybe with the exclusion of Myth). Balance needs two rounds to get every classes shields but for ice only one round, and even without shields Ice school wins battles with flying colors with huge boosts of everything... Not to mention taunt where you can take your friends damage wig ice/frozen armor or just shields, and this comes in handy as well on Snow Angel which, in my opinion may be one of if not the best card in the game.The game does not just exclude you to 2 secondary schools either so you can do ice for volcanic and tower shield Life for Satyr death for feint balance for weakness etc. To keep your wizard proficient and be able to solo the game the easiest.Oh yeah, and by the way, who ruled the skies in giant castles in anchient times? Yeah that's what I thought

Sep 20, 2010
Hawk wrote:
Clearly some parts of the world are too hard to solo, but death school is the most obvious answer to your question.

Yes, Death is good but honestly not good enough unless you have crown items, but honestly i would actually have to say the best combination to solo with is ice and storm, because fire is a boost against you but storm can take fire out easy, so you have all your fronts covered, ice has the most health and storm the most power, so you can never lose easy. Hope this helped

Oct 28, 2010
I think either
Storm - because it has the strongest spells and can defeat faster with the damage ratings but storm has low health causing you to possibly die more often

Death - Beacause practically most pf the spells help do damage and heal all in one.

- Kestrel DarkTheif lvl 60 life

May 09, 2009
I personally think life is a good primary school and storm and fire as your secondary and third (either one works best in second or third) is the best choice for soloing and helping friends. Its also good for the group type because, like balance it has a good equality. It has lots of damage and curses but also healing and buffs. My advice have a balance in your schools of expertise to suceed.

Jun 11, 2011
I find death a good school to solo with, at least so far. I'm about halfway through Marleybone, and have only needed help from a group once or twice.(Mostly when I was just starting off). All I find I have to do is use deathblade,deathtrap, and curse, then use either vampire or skeletal pirate, and that takes care of most foes. Life is pretty good too, lots of healing spells, and your spells don't fail as often, but it can take a bit longer to get anything done, so I'd only reccomend life if you're fairly paitent.

May 25, 2009
i say ice because on my legend fire i couldn't kill many bosses in the beginning but with my lvl 31 ice i could kill them no problem.

so i think ice! :D

Aug 01, 2009
I think that life/fire are the greatest combo's for the solo's. If you get just the right amount of training points, you have enough to train for another class! Life gives the ability to heal which is really needed! Fire is really strong and there are a lot more Fire wizards out there to help! (if needed, I know what you said about the solo part) Hope this helped

Oct 30, 2010
every school has an advanage and a dis advantage
i would go with fire

May 31, 2011
I am myth second in life. I find that with this I have been able to solo for the most part.

Nov 19, 2008
fire it might be hard at first but when you get to higher levels your be hard to beat

Mar 10, 2009
SyphaN wrote:
chrisbot94 wrote:
i think Balance is the best shure i get friends every once in awhile but i have mostly gone solo 8) GO BALANCE! :D

I agree 100% with that.
Balance magi's can use any spell card from any school, not to mention
your 1st, 2nd and 3rd school cards.

uh i dont think so! i have a balance a weak one and i died just trying unicorn way. my sis is balance and she needs help with everything.

fire is good to solo once you get fire blade and elemtental blade link and gear that increases healing. power link makes that plan easy too. once i got link i just tossed up a fire blade and an elemental blade ( if i even had it then ) and linked. it would only not kill a fire depending on how much health. i no when i was in mb the only thing i needed help in was a battle when i couldnt heal cause i couldnt find link. trust me fire rocks the worlds in solo with link and power link.

Luke DeathBlade 60
Connor RavenSword 21
Justin MythStone 13

Dec 12, 2010
MasterForm wrote:
Honestly, there is none.

Unity is the key to success in this crazy world f wizards, witches, and magic! It is almost impossible to solo class.

I agree 100%

Dec 22, 2008
Well, it really kind of depends on what level you are and what good spells you have. I mostly have people help me becuase I'm only level eighteen, but evrything just depends on how good you really are. :D

Jul 15, 2010
well hmmm i think death is a good school to solo on yeah death is good I:

Aug 07, 2009
there is no best class Each class has pros and cons making them equal

Aug 05, 2009
Ice. If you have good enough gear you can get your health to 4000. And if your secondary school is storm it makes up for the low damage attacks.

May 28, 2011
bioblast4/jacob nightshade/ i think fire is the best with our slow painful spells the enemy will fall in due time it consumes them like a real fire a good school to pair wih fire is storm sure it fizzles but it has very good chance taking spells that if work with you will do a nice amount of damage you could counter the low storm accuracy with clothing that increases the accuracy of storm attacks but i am happy with that ps i got the bone dragon mount its awsome :-)

Jul 25, 2010
In my opinion, really, it depends on your style and strategy and how it works with your selected school. For example, just to name a few, you wanna get it done quick but risk your life doing it- storm. self dependent and heals while attacking- death. Ice would be for the ones who favor defense and not dying.

May 21, 2011
well that is a good question but if you want a powerful school go for storm thay are the most powerful for attacks but they are not as good at defence
but try not to do solo it would be to hard (not trying to put you down its a cool idea)

Feb 19, 2011
frenchfries123 wrote:
there is no best class Each class has pros and cons making them equal
i agreee so much life heals myths minions deaths self heal etc :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Dec 26, 2009
I think life would be a good school to use because they can heal ( and i not just saying this because my only legendary is life ), i also recomend storm because it has strong spells and last but not least is ice, even though they dont have strong spells, they have biggest health ( 4,000 sometimes! ).

Oct 13, 2009
Hmm... it would be hard to say witch is the best school for doing the whole game solo. Well let's start with the basics.

Death: A lot of people are saying this is the best school for doing it solo. has the fourth most health in the game
The good: After level 26, you're unstoppable, with feint, and the drain spells, you're healed after every round. If you get the right armor and secondary school, you're good for the whole game through. Also, you look awesome.
The bad: Death can fizzle. When you're in the first parts of Dragonspyre, it's going to be tough. Mooshu will be easy for death. the first part ( Hamustu Village, Crimson Fields, and Tatakai Outpost) will be hard. Everything else, (except the final dungeons of each area ) went quickly. You'll be in dragonspyre in a flash.

Life: Healing school :D . The school that has the second most like in the game. Very annoying if you're against a student of life in player versus player .
The good: you can heal the most than any other school in the fewest pips. Very effective in group play. You can do a lot of damage if you have death as secondary school up until feint. Fizzling chance is very low
The bad: Kind of hard to solo with. Doesn't have a lot of attacks.

Myth: Best known for minions and shield breaking. Has the third least health the game.
The good: Breaks shields and stuns. Myth is something you might want to think about it. Besides the low health, even a myth newbie can help out in the high level places.
The bad: Fizzling. Has the same chance as ice. Low health. Minions can be very selfish at times.

Storm: The highest damage doing school. Lowest health and accuracy in the game.
The good: Lots of damage. If you like finishing things quickly, you should pick storm. It can also stun. When you get Storm Lord, you'll do high damage and stun. How great is that!? You'll have to be creative with this school. You get an accuracy spell as you're second spell ( after you've toured Ravenwood). A lot of attacks. Lots of damage when you're adept.
Least health and most fizzle chance. When you're in the early levels, you have 400 hundred health or so.

Fire: Known as the damage over-time spell. Second lowest health in the game.
The good: Shield breakers from the kind-of start. Very effective in solo at times. Second highest in damage. They're a lot of pryomancers out there. even i have a problem with the fire students on my friends list. They're everywhere!
The bad: second lowest fizzling chance. Seems to fizzle more in Krokotopia. Second lowest health. Items cost the most for pryomancers.

Ice: Shielding school. Has the most health in the game.
The good: you can fight ice with ice in most worlds. you get ice trap at an early level. Survives a lot of things because of high-life. Items cost the least for ice wizards. Effective with life for healing. Minion is very helpful. Has a good resist to everything if you get the right armor.
The bad: Damage is weak. Same fizzle chance as myth.

Balance: Known as the school that people hate fighting against.
The good: Weaknesses! And judgement. Third most health in the game. Shields against every school. Good with life for healing, death for feint, and ice for tower shield. Looks awesome. Tied with death as second most accuracy in the game. Should be a pretty good school for going solo, for like 90% of the game. Later levels are AWESOME!
The bad: Balance enemies. You will need to fight balance with balance (if you already don't have you're secondary school decided yet) until you get spectral blast. People call you a "noob" for using Judgement. Not a lot of bad for this school.

So it's pretty hard to choose. I had a very hard time choosing my character that is best for solo. I think i missed a few of things in there. But it's still pretty good. Good luck choosing!

-Caroline Angelpyre level 60 death
-Molly Rainbowsong level 60 balance
- Jacqueline Moon level 30 ice

Don't look down at others that are weaker than you- help them and soon they will be helpful to you.

May 30, 2009
I hear from a friend of mine that Balance has a good offense and Defense, and that it is extremely deadly combined with Life, but no guarantees.

Jan 11, 2011
mordaki987 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
ice is the best lvl60 and i have 4301 life 70 energy and 560 mana choose ice!

Dec 20, 2008
Storm would be the best class to solo the game with because they hit hard. But they often fizzle, so when you can't beat up an opponent and they beat you, a good secondary school would be Life.

**Legendary Conjurer**