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Balance and ?

Apr 24, 2010
So, I got my life wizard up to grandmaster and am ready for Celestia.

I've got an ice/storm wizard that I was going to work on next, but I've been playing a balance wizard I started instead. I had first thought about doing just balance and saving my training points for the new secondary schools in Celestia, but that just seems a bit difficult now that I know what I'll have to face before that. So, here's some thoughts--please let me know what you think.

1: Fire or storm with some ice (up to the tower shield). This would let me use the elemental blades and traps well and the third element for my wand/amulet/etc. The reason for this being my first choice is that the Hydra is elemental, so keep with that theme.

2: Death up to feint and life up to satyr with some myth. This uses the spirit blades and lets me heal more, that's about it.

Anyone have better ideas?

Jun 21, 2009
I thought this message was about balance? Balance is a stand alone. But, her are my suggestions.

Anyway, Fire or Balance with Life, Fire with Myth, Myth with Life, Ice with Storm, Ice with Death, Death with Storm.

This is not offical, just my suggestion.

Feb 25, 2010
Maybe death to feint, ice to tower and then either life to sprite with 1 point leftover or 5 points to spend somewhere else (or save for Celestia).

Jul 04, 2009
Ice up to Tower Shield. Death up to Feint. Don't even bother with the Elemental blades and traps, or even the Spirit blades and traps. Hydra (which you won't even get until level 42) is too weak IMO to even have in your deck. With your 2 blades and 1 trap, plus Feint should make anything you use much stronger.

Nov 11, 2008
i say use life up to satyr and save the other points for the new school it worked for me

Jun 06, 2009
Dec 17, 2008
Death to Feint
Ice to Tower

Those are my recommendations for almost any school

Some life spells are good to have, but I think that Tower is more important.

Also, Feint is good for Balance because you get so few traps that you could use for Judgement which is a spell that you rely on a lot.