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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Sep 05, 2009
I know an older gamer who plays this game and she's very nice i think this game does get mixed ages. Kids Teens Adults Elderly

Community Leader
Wow, this post is still getting comments after several years.

I am an "Older" player. My nice and nephews got myself and my kids playing it back in 2009 and we never stopped, lol.

I have met sever different age groups in the game from the players that seem very young, to the ones that talk about being grandparents.

My philosophy is that who cares how old you are, if you enjoy the game it doesn't mater what others think.

Mar 07, 2013
A Mom here.

I wanted to try this game out before I let my son played. Turned out that both parents and son all play it now. It's great!

Apr 02, 2012
the game you are describing sounds like maplestory lol, there is a lot of ksing in that game and reporting people to a gm is too wasteful cause it cost in-game money and you can only do it once every so often, even reporting hackers i have sometimes seen them completely blow off my report and they continue to do their thing

But to answer your question, yes there are tons of older players like myself who play this game, its great for all ages I believe

Jul 29, 2009
I'm not that much older than their targeted age but yeah I'm an older player.

Jun 25, 2012
Older player here, too. Been playing for years, even had my husband playing. I read a post on their facebook page where a Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and daughter all logged on and played together on a regular basis. how cool is that?

I feel uneasy playing with younger kids so I always inform them that I am an "Adult" player. I've yet to have anyone freak out over it or be uncomfortable with it. I prefer to make sure people know so their parents don't get upset when they find out and think someone's after their kid.

I do prefer to play the game with older players because it's that much more fun to spend time with people your own age :) There are a lot of older players on the game. You can ususaly tell they are older by the way they talk ;)

May 29, 2011
It is great to see older player. I have a Storm wizard lvl 70 just returning from a long break. I have two kids that play as well. Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Jul 07, 2012
I am an older player, (Mother) I wanted to test this out before letting our son play but discovered, I can do chores while playing on my laptop. I love this game, it's fun and I like having the flexibility to have a life and play at the same time.

Jun 27, 2013
I started playing about a month ago, since then, my wife and my daughter have both started playing.
Older player???
I had an Atari when they first hit shelves...

Jul 18, 2013
Sure there are! Lots of my family members say is a kiddy game though. How disappointing...

Mar 19, 2011
Been playing for 4 years and I am a grandfather.

May 17, 2009
I am a granny. and Love the game. lots of people on the game say I am to old. But I like to have fun just like all the youngsters on here. I find the game challenging at times. frustrating at other times. But a lot of fun for this OLD woman

Oct 21, 2010
I'm a younger player here, been playing Wizard101 for a while, and still find it amazing how this truly is an ALL AGES game. Here on the boards, there are posts about people getting their 5 year old family members to enjoys the game, and about how others enjoy playing with their grandkids. It really shows that if you put effort into something, everyone can enjoy it. I'm always amazed at what KI comes up with next (I've been here to see the change from the 1st arc into 2nd). I have to say, that this game has really grown into something amazing

Keep up all the great work, KingsIsle

-See Ya In The Spiral!!

Julia DragonLeaf

Apr 18, 2011
I have been playing for over 3 years. I started playing because of my daughter. she is a teen now, doesn't play But as for me am addicted to this game. I started with blue hair to please my kid :). Now I have 4 wizards and have met really nice people here. Love this game. Its my time to relax :) Welcome to Wizard .

See you these are my wizards schools

Mar 10, 2009
Yea I am an older player too. Let's just say that I may be an adult but I am never a grown up .

May 24, 2009
Gen xer here - this is a great game no matter what your age!

Apr 22, 2010
i am older player......quit for a while not trying to figure out what is going on lol.....

Jan 03, 2011
LOL I am level 44 necrome master

Feb 23, 2012
I'm older and this is my favorite of many games. I'm level 90 now and plan to stick around a bit longher. lolHope they come up with more worlds. If you see me, stop and say hi.

May 14, 2013
My Game name is Jason and I love this game I am Seventy Two years young And I don't know why you cannot exchange ages but maybe someday it will come about

Aug 15, 2013
Apr 19, 2011
im also an older player, and have met many others i the game, i love it

Jul 03, 2010
dolphan72 on Aug 31, 2013 wrote:
My Game name is Jason and I love this game I am Seventy Two years young And I don't know why you cannot exchange ages but maybe someday it will come about
You can, young wizard, if you have open chat but it's probably not a good idea unless you really know a person to say to much about any of your personal information.

I also am an older player. I am a Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma and I help my mom in game who tops me by being a Great Great Grandma, lol.

Jan 19, 2010
LaadyX on Jun 21, 2009 wrote:
I just started playing this game a few days ago and I must say, I was rather impressed. I just got the feeling that whoever was behind its creation had taken great care when working it.

I'm feeling sort of bad at the moment, though. Since we're not allowed to post ages, let's just say I'm not a little kid anymore. I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was being too kiddish and he said "a little" but that it was no big deal and that he wanted me to have fun and not have to worry about drama. Because before I started playing W101, I played another online game that has been full of drama lately. People are constantly KSing you (kill stealing which is where you purposely run off and attack something someone else is already working on killing which can mean them losing credit for the kill in the end) , even higher levels (we're talking people in their's 80's and 90's, it's nuts), and you're always getting called names and people can just be really rude in-game. Unfortunately, the reporting system is more complicated than it should be and the reports seem to be largely ignored and the rules are almost never enforced unless one involving money is broken. It's stressful and games weren't meant to be stressful, they were meant to be fun and help relieve stress.

I like this environment but I guess I'm just wondering how normal it is to be playing this game as an older individual. Please don't post any ages though as it would seem that is not allowed. :)
Yes there are older people playing thsi game, approximate ages are 6-60 (Kingsile says 6-106 :D). My grandmother plays this game as well she is level 88 ice and she has tons of friends and fun. It does not matter if the game seems kiddish the creators made it look friendly for a reason. And that reason is to encourage you guys to check this game out (as you already have). So next time you feel a little goofy or unwelcome that you are playing an online game such as this, don't there are plenty of people that feel the same way, and are ready to join the same battles :).

Jun 23, 2011
looking for some adults to quest with