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How is Polaris compared to Khrysalis?

Dec 13, 2015
I’ve just arrived in Polaris and I’ve done the first boss. I noticed the hp was about half than the bosses you see in Khrysalis, but he enjoyed spamming tower shield and efreet. Is this common here as maybe a sort of different challenge other than high health?

Laura Nightblossom 107

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Just to provide a disclaimer:

Many wizards found Polaris embarrassingly easy compared to Khrysalis.

So, including myself, I enjoyed the world being easy. Just provided a breather, you know?

Now, that said, compared to Khrysalis, you won't be on your toes as you were previously. The world I believe is meant to give us a break from the high difficulty some of us enjoyed in KH.

Without providing any spoilers, I'll just note that this does not mean you should underestimate some bosses.

Good Luck.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
In Polaris, the main quest line is fairly brisk and easy-going, with two very notable exceptions. A few side bosses also pose quite the challenge due to their heavy-hitting ways.

A lot of people had complained that Azteca and Khrysalis were exhausting both due to their length and the huge amount of health their bosses had. To address that, KI switched directions in Polaris and the worlds beyond. Now, the storyline is tightly written and instead of routine battles with huge health, the bosses will begin to smash hard and cheat. The battles are "quick and dirty," so to speak.

Wizards who know what they're doing will get through these battles relatively quickly. Wizards who don't know what they're doing are going to struggle a lot.

Alia Misthaven

Feb 12, 2012
khrysalis is difficult. polaris is not. khrysalis is long. polaris is short. khrysalis visually looks boring. polaris visually looks amazing. there's your comparison

Aug 20, 2011
Polaris was much easier than Khrysalis. Even though it was further in the quest line, the boss' health was much lower and the health of minions was reasonably the same. Also, Polaris/Arcanum is where you get your new spell so getting snowball barrage helped me tremendously.

Duncan Pearltail

Aug 17, 2011
That's because most of the bosses critical, but now wizards don't block as usual. Trust me it's very rare to block in Polaris now. Also, is anyone up with helping my Storm level up, hes level 105 with full on Malistire gear.

May 08, 2010
I've soloed everything up to the rat (aside from baba yaga, imo those are the 2 bosses normal players may need help (which would be myself) on) so far with only 2 pieces of tier 1 darkmoor gear (robe and wand, hat being interchanged, using khrysalis crafted hat on elemental bosses, and tier 3 darkmoor hat on spirit bosses) Although, quite a few cheating bosses exist in polaris (I counted about about 5 or 6, not counting rat) the cheats are pretty easy if you look them up before you go, the main thing as well is most bosses (aside from 1 elite enemy i believe) know shadow, and can use the darkmoor shadow spell. But the health is a bit lackluster, I believe only a few bosses even go past 20k health, (the only ones I can remember are Baba Yaga, some boss before rat, and Rat lol) They do get base pierce (10% on most boss schools, except for a few). It's also pretty short, and fairly simple. Although it's a bit easier than Khrysalis and Azteca, I think it's a good addition to the game.

Feb 28, 2014
I find Polaris short, easier battles with a lot less cheats however their are a few mobs and boss fights that are a little difficult but as not bad as Khrysalis It's a nice little world to take a break from challenging battles. The only thing to watch out for are accuracy debuffs such as "Smokescreen" which there's a lot of.

Oct 24, 2013
I was, probably like most new players, were shocked by Polaris and their mobs' low health. It is quite easy to solo, with some exceptions, already mentioned. The 3rd arc is quite a bit easier compared to the other arcs relating to the expected level. This has made Wiz a lot more fun and less tedious. And may I mention the aesthetics. Man, the design team have really stepped up their game, and I thank them for that . But still, Wiz is still growing complexity with their new game mechanics, and is becoming a bit overwhelming. Other than that, Wiz has come a long way and I am excited for new stuff :3.

Jul 23, 2011
Oct 04, 2012
I just finished Polaris on my storm just recently. It has been time since I have finished the world and the world was super easy.

Dec 13, 2015
lachlan905cp on Feb 20, 2018 wrote:
khrysalis is difficult. polaris is not. khrysalis is long. polaris is short. khrysalis visually looks boring. polaris visually looks amazing. there's your comparison
I always thought Khrysalis looked beautiful imo