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your greatest moment.

Jun 11, 2009
We have all had them. weather it be defeating a balance, making an awesome comeback,or just plain out getting really lucky. here is where you can share those moment and look back on them and say,"I CANT BELIEVE I WON THAT MATCH!"

Jul 08, 2009
This may sound like its impossible but i defeated 3 ICE grandmasters while i had only had 54 health from surviving a extreme collosus .

Nov 25, 2009
I was fighting against a guy in the arena. I was hitting him and he was hitting me. I was doing good but suddenly he starts to REALLY wack down my health. He uses a card that makes my healing card low...

Him: Haha
Me: I'm not surprised.
Me: But you will be!

Oh joy! My Wild Bolt treasure card worked! I won the match.

Destiny Dragoncoin lvl 42 balance
ps. Wild Bolt only has 20 percent chance of working and had failed earlier in the battle.

Return harsh words with kindness, and be at peace.

May 02, 2009
One of my greatest moments happened ths weekend.

I'm a fire grandmaster, and me and my adept balance friend (we're good friends) we're doing some ranked pvp.

Now we were on a 2-win streak and hoping to make it 3, and our opponents were both fire wizards, with good resists.

Now I was thinking ' oh shoot, this is gonna be tough", and it was.

We were doing a pretty good job, then they pulled out some big spells to knock our health down a bunch.

Now I used my buffed up fire dragon with my new saying in-game that goes "art, IS AN EXPLOSION!", and what suprised me was that the fire wizard in the first position on their team, got taken out with 1 hit from my dragon, 1 HIT, with his resistance, that suprised me a whole lot. The other wizard didn't get taken out in one hit like I expected, but still.

Then my team went on to defeating him and adding an extra win to our winning streak, making it a 3-win streak.

That's ne of my greatest moments.

Dec 05, 2008
Well, my greatest moment has to be one of the times I went to defeat Malistare with three of my friends. Me and one of my friends are grandmasters, he's a grand fire and I'm a grand life while my other two friends were only adepts, both death.

So we were doing preety well until we got to Malistare him self. When we got into the battle, I was first, then one of the adepts, then grand then the other adept. So, I was getting hit by all sorts of spells, and guess what happens... one of the adepts loses connection and fades away as if he loged out durring the battle.

Then the second adept had to leave, so then it was two grandmasters vs. Malistare and his minions.

Soon, after defeating all of his minions, my friend runs out of manna. Now Malistare has 7,347(I think, I cant remember but it's close to that though)

After setting up traps, blades and healing my friend, I only had one forth of my health. I kept discarding and I accidently discarded my last healing card. My friend keeps saying that "We're going to die! It's know use!" and then I had to say "O will you quit complaining, I can defeat him in one shot. Hopefully."

So I had my final card in hand, my centaur. Hoping that it would finish him off, I set the card to attack and it fizzles! Then I use the spell again and my spell did 10, 438 damage! So we( I should say me because when my friend did have manna, he bearly did anything! Just set traps for my other friends) finally defeated Malistare and I finally got my life robe!

So if i do say so my self, this has got to be be my greatest moment ever!

Aug 30, 2008
well my greatest moment was in the arena it was me versus 2 balance i had only 300 health left and i found my dragon i hadn't attacked the while game and they had the element shields they were both balance so i used my steal charm to get balance blade and blade storm from them and at that moment they said just give up man no way you can win then i jusat said whatever and used my fire dragon i had the black mantle charm on me (-45%) then i used my dragon and it hit 5000 damage on each of them (my other friend had to flee his computer was going slow) i used all my traps and blades and i stole some from them i have feint so its easy to hit 3000+ then i told my friend i win and i couldn't believe it and i did it all with 6 hp left

Dustin battlebright lvl 49 wiz player for a year and a half (im a bar away from grand) and ronan hex wielder lvl 32 balance

Aug 24, 2009
my greatest moments was a ranked 2v2 my master fire with a random death girl same level as me 48 vs a myth and an ice we took out the ice first i don't know how we took her out first we just did then when the death girl was killed i faced a guy that was harder to beat than jotun with his brothers when he used orthus i thought it was the end but no the next turn he had a myth blade a trap with time of legend casted a cyclops and he had me down to JUST 12 health my last chance it was a helephant that i had put tough on and it was in my side board for quite sometime since my first helephant did nothing because he had an absorb with tower and resistance the second helephant which only did 465 damage was just enough to kill my opponent

Jun 03, 2009

My greatest moments are always, always winning a match after my opponent has trash talked. I can't begin to tell you how many people say awful things, cleverly misspelling words to create nasty expressions mid-fight only to end up losing to me. I try very hard to fight their crudeness with kindness and humor, lost on them as it is, but truly the best feeling is being told you have no chance, and usually with horrific grammar/spelling, to come back and win in the end.

Ah, good times.

Feb 27, 2009
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
This may sound like its impossible but i defeated 3 ICE grandmasters while i had only had 54 health from surviving a extreme collosus .


Dec 26, 2009
Well this is not Pvp but I will share it anyway. When I finally finished Marleybone. I took out my biggest nightmare, the Agony wraith with Kraken. I beat him with only 59 health left and if it fizzled, I would die the next turn because he casted fire elf. Now this is the biggest moment in Pvp.

So there was a Apprentice that kept beating up on my character when he was Adept. The last time I faced him off, I finally killed him. He cost me a lot of ranks. (He was a seargent, I think)

Mar 01, 2009
This might be my greatest moment, and yet my dirtiest moment 8)
Ok so I was death, and my partner was also death. We were both lvl 38s.
We were playing against a grand storm, and one grand life. It was a long battle, my friend and I kept on surviving using shields, heals, and plague. My friend and I both hit the other team with a skeletal pirate that knocked the storm dude down to 800 health, and nearly killed the life wizard. The storm guy used a bolt on my friend, so he was on critical health, and the life guy used centaur on me, and as a life spell, i got hit pretty bad. So the grandmasters had a couple hundred left, while my friend and I barely had 200 or less. Luckily, we were going first. My friend thought that we would lose, and the grandmasters were saying good game, and as some people do to others, called us noobs. So what we decided to do was use death's PvP "cheater move". The life guy had guilding light, and I knew that he was going to rebirth. The next round(we were both hit by wand spells so we were literally on the brink of losing) , i beguiled the life guy. We got the rebirth, while the grandmasters were on crit health. A couple moves later, we killed them. (treasure wraiths)


Dec 21, 2008
Yesterday I doing PvPs when I was playing Emily Spiritriver (Death Level 33), I casted beguile on a grandmaster necromancer because I thought he was going to use sacrifice, but he used a scarecrow on someone on their team. It was awesome!

May 28, 2009
I was noob and i still beat a three or more level uper death wizard who has vampire. He did vampire and if my final attack, the scorpion has fizzled, i will lose a rank! But now, i am experienced player......