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Why was balance given judgement to begin with

Mar 01, 2009
For this post, lets assume the wizards always get power pips and no buffs or shields and no resists.

Take a Balance wizard and any other wizard you want...wait until you both have full power pips...the Balance hits for 1400 damage consuming all pips. In 3 consecutive rounds (gaining a power pip each round) these schools could do:

Death = 3 Wraiths (or 3 Pirates for more damage) 1500 damage total easy
Life = 3 Centaurs - can we say 1600 damage?
Ice = 3 Colossus - 1500 damage again?
Ice = 2 Frost Giant - 800 + damage? and a stun
Fire = 3 Helephants - 2040 damage minimum
Fire = 2 Dragons - 880 + 642? over 3(6) rounds
Storm = 3 Tritons - 2200 minimum?
Storm = 2 Storm Lords - 1300? damage and a stun
Myth = 2 Othorus - 100 + 1510 damage (cannot spell it)
I hope my damage numbers are somewhat close to the actuals.

Just a cut and dry comparison, in realty, 3 Hydras cast in a row have a base total damage of 1710. But for some reason, many players say it is a weak 6 pip spell, good luck shielding from it...like the rest of Balance spells

Jul 01, 2009
Judge does not take 125 per pip. It's actually 100 exactly. And also balance has stuff like Elemental blade and weakness. They also have Power nova which damages your enemies, then gives the survivors weakness. And there are spells at judge's level that are stronger. Like Heckhound and Tempest.

Jacob Dragonrider lvl 49 Master pyromancer