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Something to add in arena

May 19, 2009
Hello wizards I just want to say something wizard101 or Ki should put like arena rules or something that you can tell new comers in arena like if there were some changes in arena like some of rules that i think might come
this is one of them
1. All bolts could not be use in arena ONLY STORM WIZARDS can use them.

So wizards would you want rules or advice in arena sorry if i confuse you this is my first post plz no rude comments :-)

Feb 14, 2009
Jan 15, 2009
Jun 04, 2009
Put this on the sign,

No WHINING about the Wild Bolt!
Shield against Balance!
Treasure cards are regulary used in the arena!
Take losing as a learning process and apply what you have learned!

I find it amazing that people complain so much about spells, losing, or the ranking system. It's a game, learn how to play it better. I have taken my fair share of beatings but I have never complained about it and I have leared to become a better PVP player. Making the game easier or one sided only takes away from the challenge. It's like taking away the goalie in a soccer match, so you can finally score. Whats the point in that?