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So... what's your win/loss record? =D

Apr 25, 2010
Level 87 ice commander: 84 wins and 76 lost.
Level 9 storm veteran: 82-41. (who knows why i am veteran)

Jul 24, 2009
I would just like to say that unless your at least level 70 and able to face wizards with every spell available to there school that your win loss record is actually zero. I mean who cant beat up on wizards with no spells that takes no skill at all. Get level 70 face a level 90 corpral or above then state your win loss record until then your bloated record is a straight up no skill having lie.

Mar 05, 2011
Thanks for this thread Corbin XD

Wolf Skullslinger, Ice, 821 Commander, Level 87, (and rising) 80/119

Wolf Stormblood, Storm, 656 Knight, Level 70, (and rising) 34/56

Wolf Mythhammer, Myth, 659 Knight, Level 43, (and rising) 21/34

Thaumaturge by Trade

Dec 25, 2012
Apr 18, 2010
Ok, my warlord balance has 241 wins and 162 losses. His ratio is 241/403 which equals 60%
My commander myth has 234 wins with 114 lost. 234/348 is 67.2%
Not bad eh?

Mar 05, 2011
I now also have a fire who has something like 72 W - 32-37 L (puppets took my commander away) but I got the robes so I'm satisfied

Aug 23, 2012
My ice commander is actually exactly at 50%. 114 wins - 57 losses xD

Jan 05, 2010
0-0 0% if this update goes through none of our win loss records will be visible to others, KI has to realize people are proud of there win losses from previous "seasons" and should remain visible to all, after all we earned them... Rank means nothing and a badge is a joke.

Aug 10, 2009
Hi i am a balance warlord wins-around 120 losses-80 i have no idea what that percent is and i dont feellike calculating it. I only do 2v2.

Jan 15, 2010
my win/loss best has been no wins 7 losses. its enough to make me never want to pvp ever again

Mar 07, 2011
I'm a die hard PvP player.

Over 5 wizards my record is 3382-1304, or 72% win rate.

Feb 29, 2012
I totally am terrible @ pvp. lol i am a private and i am lvl 40. My character is Kristen Shadow Spear. XD
i have lost like 40 or 50 matches and won like 20? haha its pretty sad

Mar 02, 2011
Theawesomewizards on Jul 7, 2012 wrote:
Um, yeah, my rank is pretty bad. 7 wins, 18 losses. I don't know how to do ratios (I'm a kid, anyway!) but probably the reason i lose a lot is unfairness ( Such as a mastermind vs. me or even a savior of the spiral) and my health ( The best way to win is to stack up blades and traps and use a kraken after that. I don't know tempest, though I do have the quest.) I usually use my Hoard of the Hydra clothes, which give me healing current and snow drift. ( I don't have boots yet ) So right now i'm probably bad at PvP, but who knows? once i get sirens ( A LONG TIME from now) i'll be killing like CRAZY! WOO! XD lol
My win/loss record's changed now, since of that 2nd age. It's 2 wins/4 losses. I'm starting to 'NOT' stink at PvP, and i'm happy about that! (Sorry about last year's post, sorry if i sounded like a noob! D:) And yes, I 'don't have sirens.' But I DO have storm lord. And wild bolt is a MUST (at times..) since if it doesn't fail (10 or 100 damage)it does about 1000 damage! Even if you're another school, it's only 2 pips. I normally use it to make the battle easier. Normally my opponents have about my amount of health points(About 2,200) so it narrows them down to an easy way to kill them. The only thing I need to worry about is THEIR attacks... x gulp x

-Chelsea the awesome! First schoolSecond schoolExtra school! Level 53
Robert the Necromancer First Level 2
Mary the Conjurer Level 4
Elli the Therguist Level 5
Fiona the Pryomancer Level 3
Elijah the Socerer Level 2
Working on them...

Jun 26, 2009
Well I just started playing wizards again this Monday after a long hiatus, only to discover happily that the 2nd

age of PVP has started. So on my level 40 life Amber Rose my record is 17 wins and 3 losses or 85%.

Lets see how long that lasts

Oct 30, 2011
In the second age, my balance is 89-33, or approximately 73% wins. In the first age, I was 177-29, or about 86% wins.

Oct 30, 2011
My worst is about 5-19 my best is 1397-239. So my has about 12% chance of winning.My balance has 87%.

May 09, 2011
My record on my magus Fire is 35-5 so if my calculations are correct my percentage is 0.87% :) Now I have to keep it going

Sep 09, 2010
Dec 08, 2012
How Do You Become A PVP Knight?What Will Your Wins And Loses Be?

Apr 11, 2012
Mine is 1 win and 0 losses.

(Yea...I've only done 1 Ranked PvP 'cause I don't care much for it.)

Mar 10, 2010
Rank is frustrating. I'm 19 and 46 in the first age because a always go up against people with crazy amounts of critical, resistence and, who use crowns to buy all their gear. This really annoys me. Now i am 1 and 3 in the 2nd age because i've giving up with ranked. I'm level 61 and balance, ice, and life really get on my nerves. Does anyone share the same problems with me?

Jun 10, 2009
I always because everyone has pets that do extra turns and stuff like that

Jun 20, 2013
Nov 30, 2012
yesterday i saw a pair of wizards who had more losses over wins and she was warlord how? she had 167wins/and146732 losses how is that possible?

plz respond patrick star lvl 33 ice veteran (soon to be knight hopefully )

Oct 23, 2012
SchicksalBestimmun... on Feb 25, 2013 wrote:
0 win, 1 loss = 0%
Same here =.=