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Dec 31, 2011
It's really frustrating when you enter a tourney and by the time you get to the last match, the team you face has had a chance to watch your previous game to know what schools they're going against and have set so hard, they're immune to your school. Yeah, you can shrike... IF you get a shadow pip in time... and that's a pretty big IF.

I understand you want players to be able to spectate matches, and even if you prohibited people who were in the tourney from going and watching other matches, that doesn't stop their friends or their 2nd account wiz from spying for them. But I think everyone agrees, something needs to be done about the "setters".

A friend of mine had a suggestion which I think is a brilliant idea and it would solve this problem. If you join a tourney, you go in with your best "all-around" gear. Once the first match begins, your gear freezes. You can't change it to set for your opponent. You have to wear the same gear you started the tourney with throughout all 4 matches.

Please consider fixing this. Thank you.

Jun 16, 2011
i agree with that for ppl who set to win isn't a fair chance for anyone if they know who their facing make it a surprise so know one knows who their facing stop the setters......listen to the players all of us have a right to fair play and ppl who set are not fair when they know ahead of time and can change their gear freeze the gear after first match starts i agree...........

Feb 28, 2009
I cannot agree on how frustrating it is to fight someone who sets for your school. I mean sure, everyone may change what shields they carry, but when someone, usually the tanks or even the ENTIRE team changes their gear to make them immune against your school, it is very aggravating. There is very little that the person who faces a setter can do. Yeah we have shadow shrike in all, but that requires an extra shadow pip, the card to surface at the right time and other adequate things needed to take out the team. Depending on how hard people set, shrike won't even be enough. I've fought people with 140 resist to my school and I really would like to know how that is fair to the opponent. When people set it takes all the fun out of the match or tournament. It provides those who do not set no chance to win and what is pvp if both teams just set for each other? Nothing will get accomplished and everyone will do whatever they can to please diego just so they can get the default win. I agree with your idea on maybe locking the gear on what people enter a tournament with. This may not fix the solution entirely, but we won't have people with 140 resist to any school they fight or give them the ability to change their pet that has proof, defy, school proof, school ward, etc. I see these kinds of pets all the time and it's ridiculous. I would also suggest maybe just erasing team names from tournaments. If people cannot keep track of what members belong to a certain team, then they will not be able to set as easily.

If this problem keeps getting worse tournaments will eventually just die off like rank did. I really hope something gets done about this, one of the main reasons I personally play is just to pvp and if there is no equality when it comes to pvping, then why bother doing it? I'd rather not leave my chances on winning against setters on the "big if" you mentioned, because the odds are low.

Sep 11, 2010
This is a great suggestion! So frustrating to play against setters. I believe locking down gear for tourneys would be fair for all wizards.

May 19, 2015
I'm not as eloquent as those who have already posted but believe strongly that this is a problem and see this as a great solution. Please lock gear for the duration of the tournament to prevent setters from taking the fun out of the game.

Aug 05, 2009
^^^^^^^^^^^^ I agree with the above statements 1000% people being able to watch matches isn't a bad then but for people to use it to cheat is a different story. Simply locking the gear would cause no harm.

Aug 30, 2009
I also agree with all who replied to this problem with people going in watching the teams they might be facing and setting their gear to be immune to those schools. I also agree with locking in the gear that they have on when they enter the tournament.

May 27, 2009
Agreed with all of this. Now to see if KI will actually do something about........

Joshua SkullGrove ( exalted Warlord) and other noob wizards.