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PvP Tournament Byes

May 21, 2010
Hi, I just entered a quick-match tournament on my level 38 ice wizard
and there were 17 players so I got a bye the first round. This
automatically guarantees that I have no chance of getting 1st place. I
won all of my matches after getting a bye and got 390 points-second
place. This angered me because I believe everyone should get an equal
chance of getting 1st place and I would have gotten 1st place had I
not gotten a bye the first round. Please don't allow more than 16
players to join a bracket as it makes no sense because not all of the
players have an equal shot at getting first.

May 09, 2011
Well, if there's a bye there should definitely be points given for winning. I say this because KI is never gonna change their tournament system unless it's an abrupt decision by the developers. Tournaments are very hard to manage because you need exact multiples of two, four, eight, etc. to have an organized tournament. I agree with you, but I've never actually played in a tournament, so I probably don't have a voice here. But who knows, maybe the idea of giving points from a bye might work.