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PvP "rules" set by other players..?

Oct 17, 2010
OK, I don't PvP that often. I just reached level 70 last night-ish (I think) and decided I try PvP, ya know, since I'm a higher level now. Well, I fought a myth level 70, and then a death level... Oh, I forget. Anyway, this death person started saying things like, "No shields! No heals!"


First off, are there any actual KI PvP rules that say, "When someone tells you not to heal or shield, don't do it"? And second off, it's PvP, meaning you do what you do to win. If you have a better strategy than someone else, that's your win and their loss. If you have heals and shields in your deck, and they don't, then that means you came prepared and they didn't. If it's not against any actual KI rules, then I think it should be completely OK to disregard whatever they say, and shield and heal anyway.

My point is, if I come into a fight with someone of my same level, and I have a better strategy than they do, it's not my fault, it's theirs. I guess I just don't feel like listening to their whole "no healing and no shields" thing, because I let other people heal and shield if they wanted.

Maybe I'm being rude? What do you guys think?

Jan 28, 2012
no way,

in pvp you do what you want,

if they didn't come prepared thats there fault and use it to your advantage

Mar 07, 2011
They are just trying to annoy you and get you off your game.

You put what you want in your deck. They put what they want in their deck. The Sideboard is part of your deck. That's how PvP works.

Aug 01, 2009
You are totally correct in everything you stated. SOOO many people whine in pvp it's actually pretty sad and hilarious at the same time. I had a girl tell me to "save my treasure cards" from text chat many times, only to have her use them several hands later. I was cracking up- Did she think I didn't know she was also using tc? I have had people say "well I only use weakness tc".. My response is that it's not my fault they only buy weakness". Or they throw "noob" out if you use tc.. THAT IS WHAT THE SIDE DECK IS FOR DUHHHH lol- what I say anyways- I think most of it is that people are cheap and don't want to farm to get money- OR they are lazy and expect easy wins. Either way- you are doing everything right- and they are the ones who are wrong- and with that- they will never win- Goodluck :)

Sep 03, 2008
No, you are not being rude. Don't listen to their pleas. They are only saying that because they must not be any good at PvP and need any sort of advantage to try and win. Do as I do, tell them "I'll stop shielding when you stop blading". They obviously won't stop so you just keep shielding and turn off Opponent Chat so you don't hear them begging any more.

Have fun and good luck :)

Jun 23, 2011