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PVP Helpful Tips

Aug 02, 2009
Hey everyone! I just thought this would be a good place to start handing out battle strategies for PVP (Unless your strategies are secret ). Mostly because I'm tired of seeing on PVP message boards complaints about it. So if you want you can post whatever strategy works for you and see if it works for wizards out there. There's only one rule in this thread and it to HAVE FUN!!!

See you in the Spiral!
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P.S. If your struggling with PVP, feel free to read on!

Jun 11, 2009

one of the most important things to remember in pvp is use shields.if u want to really kick butt in pvp,then i believe u should follow ice up to tower shield.

kill or be killed

dont just sit there waiting till they kill you. for one thing u could run out of cards. 4 another,u r almost never gonna get a perfect oppurtunity,so take wut u got and just go 4 it.

if i think of any more good tips ill write them down.i just woke up,so im still half asleep.

Wolf Deathcaller 50 diviner (knight in PvP)

Nov 25, 2009
What is a good way to win a long battle without running out of cards?
The answer is simple if your balance.
When you learn the reshuffle card put two in your deck.
Then you can discard one to make room for other cards.
When you use the one that's left the discarded reshuffle goes back in the deck.
When you use that one the other reshuffle comes back.

But how can I servive long enough to do it when I'm being hit so much?
Here is the answer.
When you complete the unicorn way quests, you get a self healing card.
Put as many as you can in your deck.
If you're balance you can also put helping hands cards in your deck.

I have six pip cards. How many of each should I put in the deck?
For me the answer is two. That way if one fails it wont take as long to be able to find the card again.

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