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Pvp 2021

Apr 19, 2015
Pvp isn’t fun anymore. I play legendary, 99, and max. Each time I go up against the same ice warlord with the same frostbite/lord of winter strategy. Meanwhile they just heal spam. I’m losing interest in the game especially since pvp is extremely repetitive with no new strategies or schools.

Even when ice got a nerf, half their spells remained the same. They got a 4 pip hit and bubble while life got a mass heal that isn’t even good.

The game has tipped completely to broken schools.

Jan 10, 2009
Keep at it. The game is changing and the meta will shift. If you're not having fun, perhaps try something different!

May 14, 2011
vuntan on Jul 21, 2021 wrote:
Keep at it. The game is changing and the meta will shift. If you're not having fun, perhaps try something different!
I just personally wish life got a serious spell for pvp or something truly changes with other schools to make it reasonable. Our spells are built to go to diego since we can't really kill and we have a lot of healing. However with this in mind, Diego will never pick us since our spells are also built to make diego dislike us due to their healing aspect. It always feels like when ki tries to buff Life, Death, and Storm they inadvertently add something that makes fire, ice, and myth more powerful. Life always gets nerfed too because people don't like our school identity of healing; Guardian spirit, critical healing, wings of fate, timer, etc. Perhaps they could make healing a positive but only half as good as damage spells or something idk? Life was doing really good coming out of spring test realm but it was nerfed pretty quickly which just keeps making me not want to continue the game. I just don't feel like spending money or the time to try and get good stuff for a school that seems to be at a disadvantage because people complain that they have to play differently against a life.

Sorry about what was said above since tbh, this post is more an issue with the queue though and I honestly think the first age of pvp had the queue perfect. I get level bands and such but honestly it takes skill to beat people 40 levels above you no matter their skill level since they can just straight up hit you and deal massive damage. Perhaps remove the level bands but keep the other aspects?