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Polymorph for lower lvls in pvp

Jan 08, 2011
I thought polymorph was a banned tc but it seems in low lvl pvp people are getting around this with the new spears. Its completely unfair. They should not have put the polymorph into low lvl spears, like lvl 5 spears. What was KI thinking? That pvp would be ok in low lvls with polymorph?

Jan 05, 2010
This is a classic example of KI's marketing team pushing crown items right through the restrictions set in place that were voiced by us.

We all have to face the obvious fact that KI does not care how bad pvp gets as long as their pockets are fat and will do anything (including bypassing their own rules and restrictions) to bring in a profit.

This polymorph wand might be the end of my relationship with KI, as a low level player who fought aganst low level polymorphing this is he equivalent of a slap to the face.

what's next KI? what could possibly be worse then giving a level 5 a reshuffleble draconian polymorph with 2000 health and crit chance?

here's some ideas for your next packs that put more holes in rules you've made, this will make you guys some more money

Robe of money-gives one Talos minion card

Hat of Betrail-gives two insane bolts

shoes of misfortune-original guardian spirit card (25%)

You make heavy damage enchantments 55+ and no trade but allow low levels to buy colossus in packs

You restrict polymorphs for low level (for obvious reasons) then make a wand that gives all levels the same thing you restricted...

Does your programming Team ever talk to your marketing team?

Very Mad Wizard....