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Nerf Minions

Aug 10, 2010
Probably an unpopular opinion but please nerf storm and fire minions. No school have better minions than Myth (that's what they are known for and specialize in) by such a huge margin. For 3 pips they can bubble, put DOTs and insane bolt (which consistently hits the defending party 3 times), mantle, and if you don't get rid of them right away then you could be winning a match heavily in you favor and lose just because of RNG. It's just unfair in PVP, for some schools they have almost no way of killing off a minion without dumping pips, forfeit shielding or defending, or without using the spellement cards. These schools shouldn't have minions with that much pressure while the defensive schools don't have a proportionally good minion to counteract it.

Not to mention those minions ALL have high health so you can't just use a 2pip spell even 4 pips in some circumstances. Nerf their health please, the most damaging schools shouldn't have the tankiest minions that still have hits with unparalleled value.