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Need a nice Warlord to help with ice rank pvp

Jun 14, 2017
Hi I'm Samantha a Max Wizard.

And I'm really bad at Max ice pvp if there any nice Warlords that could help me I would really enjoy it.

It seems only sergents in rank pvp can talk in rank pvp to the other team but I'm still a private.

I know some Warlords might have some Wifi trouble before and still got to Warlord so I'm asking you for help on here please.

In the game it hard to ask for help.

I try to be family friendly in game to all players.


I will take any help you offer, I was always better at doing 2v2 but since no one does that i'm kinda in a hole right now.

Jan 18, 2013
I've is a defensive school so play to your strengths. Go with good gear that has resist, it all ads up but not Jade. Dragoons robe and boots with the Malistair hat is a good starting place. I haven't looked into the new level 140 gear yet so may be something better but I do know the new ice amulet is definitely worth it.

Preferably have a pet with spell proof and the defy brace jewel socketed. The last it's good to to have wards in the last 4 slots covering the most threatening schools. Since the update it's hard to say what they are but definitely fire and ice.

Wand, ring, amulet and deck are your preference. Any circle sockets should be ice pierce.

As far as playing goes blades are your friend. If your opponent shields, frostbite. Pack stun blocks. Pack strike. Pack one dispel to every school for when they are in strike and a couple set shields to every school. Pack bubnles, lots of them. I've has the best bubble of all the school's so take advantage of it and fight for control.

That should be enough to get you started. The rest is up to you to figure out what works best for you with practice