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Loremaster and Conviction requirement

Jul 26, 2010
Completely broken spell. There is absolutely no fun in playing against balances at any level, especially below 100 because the accuracy debuff actually ends up working a lot of the time then. This spell either needs to be nerfed into the ground, with a pip cost increase, damage reduction, and removal of the accuracy or weakness debuffs, or just labeled no PvP.

Also, please get rid of the sergeant+ requirement for conviction. Thanks to the broken matchmaking system, it's incredibly painful trying to even get that high on a casual (Not pouring money into pets, not a balance) character, and conviction is not a spell that is only decent for PvP, since so many cheating bosses have stun related abilities, and the block helps shore up lower defenses on a more offense oriented character build. After several games in a row of instantly being sorted into matches where my character was lower leveled and lower ranked, without checking play against all opponents, it's really annoying that conviction can't just be taken by anyone.

Jun 12, 2009
Conviction treasure cards are easily obtainable through the bazaar or gardening. As for loremaster I agree it needs to be 5 pips as I also have a balance and all I have to do is use it a couple times to win.

Jan 17, 2011
totally agree that Lore Master is OP