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Deck Construction Help? (Master Necromancer)

Feb 17, 2012
I have constantly been losing on PvP against the commanders and warlords the corrupt matchmaking system has put me against. I have learned some things (like to have towers all the time), but apparently not fast enough, as I can't even get past the Private ranking even though I've won some 50 matches (I've lost too many). How can I best construct my Death/Storm deck to fight in PvP?

I am a Master Necromancer with a Deck of the Lotus that holds 50 spells and 4 maximum copies. I have learned all of the Death spells from Dworgyn. Also, I have learned all Storm spells given out via training points. Finally, I have all Ice spells up to Tower given out via training points.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you came here just to tell me to get a better school. If you need any extra information i'd be happy to give it out.

Jun 08, 2009
Deck construction is something I think most if not all of us have struggled with from time to time. Have you been to Duelist101.com yet? It's an official Wizard101 fan site that is dedicated to helping people with PvP. It is a fairly new site, but there is already a lot of information about strategies, deck construction and guides. There is a feature called Ask Duelist that might give you some more in depth assistance too. I hope this helps.