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Sep 01, 2009
first off, i am pretty sure there are a thousand other threads about this. so sorry about making another one. but it is seriously getting out of hand.

Just today, i was battling a balance person and he bladed up like the usual judgement style. knowing this was going to happen, i gave myself a spirit shield and a tower shield on top of it. i happened to have 6 pips at the time he was about to use judgement, and i also happened to have my earthquake card from my hat (i am a life) when i got rid of all his blades, he started swearing at me and said i was a noob and can't win without money (he knows it was from teh crown hat) We kept arguing and even when i said that everyone has access to get earthquake without paying money, he still called me a noob. when i bashed him to pieces with my centaur, he started to cuss me out as long as he can until i was finally able to port out of there.

That is just an example of millions. i hear a lot of stuff too about other schools:
Storm: wind bolt
hello? it's 10% accurate and it is a STORM spell.
Myth: Earthquake
removing shields is a bonus of being myth, live with it
Life: rebirth
come on, we don't even have a single attack all spell, and out centaur isn't that powerful.
Balance: Judgement
this one is complained the most imo. simply tower shield. it knocks down the highest base damage to 700. and unless they can get their bonus to over 400%, i doubt they can really hurt you.
Ice: Ice armor
have you noticed their rank 6 and 7 spell? it's still in the 400s! give them a break!
Fire: eh... don't know about any complaints to fire
Death: animate
okay, they can summon a wraith. big whoop. do you know how hard it is to get a wraith however? assuming they start with 2 power pips. they have to get 5 power pips in a row, allowing themselves to get hurt for 5 turns. all for a card that RARELY uses wraith or scarecrow.

Just something i needed to point out there.

Sep 20, 2008
Jan 01, 2010
Um Orca, he wasn't complaining. Or are you being funny?

At any rate, yes Shinman, folks just need to stop squawking and play the game!