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You and Your Pet

Jan 08, 2018
You should be able to have them visible while you are on a mount, like riding on a mini mount or floating.

Jun 01, 2015
Gives rewards for training other than talents like plants, temporary mounts, maybe even treasure or perhaps permanent cards.

Aug 03, 2016
Pets interact with furniture and other objects.

Pet fashions and gear.

Pet hotel to put our pets in so our land isn't as cluttered. Or for pets who do not suit the land theme. It could be dollhouse size, like the fishing spot, and then click X, and go inside of the pet hotel. We could put the pet hotel on our land.

Dyeable pets. More dyeable pets.

Pet food dishes and toys, but make feeding/watering pets optional or for fun. I don't want a Tamagotchi pet.

Jul 26, 2013
i would like it to be easier to get your pet to meg and ultra-mega faster. After you train your pet to ancient, it seems like your pet stops growing even with mega snacks. They take three times as long to get them to mega and ultra than it did to ancient. If maybe we could have some mega snacks that are ten to move it along faster that would be great.

May 22, 2009
I think there should be a crown option in the crowns shop for leveling up your pets. I, personally, hate spending countless hours in the pet pavilion trying to level up pet after pet. I really think there needs to be a better option for doing this faster. I know there are mega snacks, but even using those it still takes forever, and they're way too expensive. I've talked about this with some friends of mine and they said that if there was an option to spend some crowns to level up your pet instantly, that they would definitely do it. I know way too many people that completely ignore leveling up their pets because it takes way too long. Please take this into consideration, thank you.

Sep 14, 2008
It would be really cool to have you get more experience from either playing games, ro eating rare snacks. Getting to Ancient, and Beyond is really hard and takes such a long time. I don't mind the grind but between how much energy it takes to play and how long you have to wait, I think some things should level out better.

Mar 20, 2016
In My Opinion It Would Be Really Cool If They Sat On Your Shoulder Or Something When your On Your Mount. And That The Grind Between Adult - Ancient Ancient - Epic Etc. Takes Up Too Many Hours For Me And An Example To Fix That Could Maybe Be A Crowns Option? But It Probably Would Have To Be Expensive To Make Up For The Grinding That You Would Miss. Plus I Think That When Pets 'Level Up' They Should Grow In Size! Also I Believe That Mega Snacks Cost Way Too Much! But What I Think We Need The Most Is Pet Fashion This Would Make Me And The Wizard101 Community So Happy! Imagine You Could Take The Viking Helmet Off The Polar Bear Cub And Put It On Proper Penguin In Replace Of Its Top-Hat!

Thanks For Give Others And I To Express Their Feelings About One Of The Best Things In W101,


Jul 27, 2012
I like how in Pirate101 your pet can actually join the duel with you can provide help. Wiz kind of already has something like that, where pets provide spells and it goes in your own deck. But what if the wizard and pet have separate decks? Of course, you wouldn't be able to edit the pet's deck. But like, what if they could cast a blade on you during the same round as the wizard(s), like they'd be separate casts during the same round.

Of course when a pet has a maycast it doesn't inform the wizards (i'm referring to the feature where once you decided on a spell and other players can see which).

The pet's deck could be under the wizard's. like a miniature version or something..?

Jan 12, 2015
It would be awesome if you could maybe trade pets with other people! I would love this idea because if someone got a storm pet and you got a death pet and you both were those schools you could trade them!

Jul 03, 2012
PET TOURNAMENTS. There should be tournaments where you do pet games vs other players. The higher level your pet is the more tricks it can use to mess up other players. Like if you're doing a dancing game and you have a pet that can half the time they have. The winner would get pet snacks that can help you level your pet up. Rank 7+ snacks for first 6+ for second and so on. This would be an amazing way to replace pet racing. I joined a pet race twice and raced my self I: so there should be a fun way to get tickets for people who are bad at pvp like me. I know this might not even be seen but I think pet racing can easily be replaced.

Jan 05, 2015
Jan 08, 2011
I don't know about you guys but when I play a game about wizardry I much prefer calling my "pet" a familiar, thoughts on this anyone?

Oct 17, 2016
I agree with a more active role in battle. It would be awesome if they could tricks like sit or lay down. Plus when I train my pets. I think it would be neat if we had like newer games to play. Like matching cards or something like tha.t Just an idea :)