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Wizard101 Central Derby Tournament

Our friends at Wizard101 Central are hosting their first 2v2 Derby Team Tournament.

See this post for all the details and sign up before July 7th!: http://http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2218175

Tired of racing all by yourself? Wish there was someone to cheer you on, to help you out, to be by your side? Well, if you've become jaded with tournaments because it's always the same old, same old, then now is your chance to try something new!

Announcing the very first Team Derby Tournament!

All races for this tournament will be run 2v2 with all four players racing at the same time. Winners will be determined using the following format – 1st place is worth 1 pt, 2nd place 2 pts, 3rd place 3 pts, 4th place 5 points. Team with the lowest points after 3 races will advance.

Note that with this format, winning is good, but the emphasis is on not being last. So even if one team member comes in first each race, but the second team member is last every time, the team will not advance.

There are only two other "rules" to keep in mind. First, there can only be one Epic pet per team. And second, any finalist in the recent Teen – Epic tournaments cannot be on a team together. As such, the following players cannot be on a team together – Apoofanickymama, Becca122, Caspeen, Drakeflame, Gutfunk, Ivorysword, Lady Cielo, Lunar Wrath, Owlriver, thestrangerfrom, and Tristan Sandstone. All are welcome to participate, just not on the same team.

Sign ups will start next Thursday, July 7th, and the tournament will start once there are 16 teams.

As each race will require coordinating the schedule of four different players for each round, flexible scheduling will be very important. Please keep this in mind when selecting a team mate as it will be to everyone's advantage if both teammates can have similar schedules.