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Who has This Pet?

Jan 27, 2012
So I've been doing PvP lately, and it isnt hard but now that I'm getting up in the ranks I know soon I'll have to get my pet perfected.
As of now, I have an Aqua Dragon with Spell Proof, Pain Giver, Fairy, Sprite, and Unicorn. Not exactly what I want.
Pain Giver, Spell Proof, and Fairy are all good, but I need to replace Sprite and Unicorn with Spell Defy and Infallible.
(Note when I say spell names, It means "may cast" that spell)

So if anyone has any pet (preferably Lord of Winter, Enchanted Armament, or Rain Beetle) and will be kind enough to hatch with the pet described above, please meet me in the hatching place (not sure of its name) on August 7
@ 12:00 Eastern Time

Thank You,
Jacob 30
and more...