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What I really want is...

Jul 27, 2011
Hello people that cilcked. As you most likely know, the Ice Hound(Or frost. whatever you want to call it. The one with one head.)has been a popular pet. Well I sorta want one too. Yes another Ice pup lover.XD. So I've asked let's see.........alot of people to hatch with me. They all must have been thinking the same, because they all said no. :? Ya. I think you get my point. I have a Imperal Foo Dog 40(7). I also have a Heckhound 30(5). I have two Foo dogs actucal. But it's a teen. And my life guy has like 500 gold. But my other dog has 51(4). Rember it's teen. Anyhow,please can someone hatch a Ice hound with me

From, Kristen Owleyes, fire student, lv 54

Jul 27, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
i dont have an ice hound (ony 1 head) but i want one.............if you look on you tube you could look to see if it was/is a drop. and if anyone has a storm cat i want to know where they got it.