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Update Grub Guardian!

Jul 13, 2009
  1. Shadow Towers and New Side/Worlds like Aquila, Darkmoor & Khrysalis
  2. Update the drop tables to fit the current jewels/Ultra update. Jewels that are pet related like energy jewels, Derby and talent jewels( higher lvl maps =higher lvl jewels). Also possible Ultra seed drop, also steel, brass and tin should be available as a drop too.
  3. Please Please Please update the designs for the pet pedestals. Personally I don't like the design and think they should be more school oriented. For Example: Ice-stage baby the pedestal could be a bunch of snowballs surrounding the pet and progressively as the pet grows the pedestal turns into cracked ice at teen the polished ice at adult spikes at ancient etc...
  4. A way to view your pet's talent pool and pet snacks. This will make it easier to decide which pet to train and see if we have available pet snacks to train it with
  5. Ultra pets should have a cool new power! Once you train your pet to Ultra your pet could give you a power to aid you similar to the Ambrose Annihilator ( The fire thing in the corner of your screen), this new power will be school based. The icon to use the power could be under Ambrose Annihlator. Based on your school of your pet each power will be different For example: Storm would shoot a giant beam across your screen from any angle dealing certain amount of damage. EX2: Death would take certain amount of enemies out like 35-45%. Life could give an extreme boost to all pets in their rand and will last about 3-4 seconds. Powers like these

Jul 15, 2011
Haven't tried it with my ultra pet yet, but is there any difference from mega to ultra in grub guardian?

Nov 05, 2011
IDK, I don't have an ultra pet yet, I don't like training, and it still takes forever on GG.

Jul 13, 2009
There is not any difference from Mega to Ultra, on a KI Live they said they would be giving Grub Guardian an update