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Types of "Zillas"

Jun 01, 2010
this thread is about new types of zillas not where to find old ones my ideas for new zillas would be: mythzilla-does 775-845 it would hatch out of a royal blue egg with yellow dots and instead of people running around there would be trolls,cyclopes,and minotaurs. it would breath yellow fire and there would be eye balls on the fire. the dinosaur would be royal blue with a yellow horn and claws. lifezilla-does 725-805 it would hatch out of a brown egg and have green dots.it would breath green fire and there would be leaves on the fire(funny cause wouldnt they burn ).the dinosaur would be brown with a green horn and claws. deathzilla-does 760 absorb half.it would hatch out of a black egg with white dots.it would breath grey fire with skulls on the fire.the dinosaur will be black with a white horn and claws. i hope you guys liked my ideas :D p.s. you would get these spells at lvl 60 and i couldnt think of a balance one so could some one pls do that

Jan 18, 2009
There already is "zilla" pets that you get by mixing the stormzilla lvl 48 pet. but I do agree that each mixed pet should give its own card for the school that it is. they already have fire and ice zillas. and that should go for all of the other hybrid pets that give cards like that.

Jun 14, 2010