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Trying to hatch an enchanted armament

Jul 21, 2010
hey I am new to pet hatching and trying to get into pvp. I am trying to get a good pet and enchanted armament seems pretty good. All my pets are really bad, and I don't really have anything to give but a little gold. Thx

Jan 03, 2014
Nice ask. Well written. I am sure some greedy person will offer a hatch with their broken armament for the max you offered. That's the norm. I would hatch for free but you chose the wrong medium to request a hatch. This site has a delay from authoring a post to seeing it on site. They claim its 24 hours, but more like 42. Even if it isn't, 24 is too long. Need to find another line of communication that doesn't involve Wizard101 since they filter and monitor everything delaying everything upwards of a week.

I also don't use Wizard101Central as that fan site has become Ads Haven. They post more advertising than information and the entire site is slow and trash because of it. I will never use that site again since it's only a matter of time before it starts spreading viruses like all other advertising sites.

Find a way to communicate and I will help you get a hatch.