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Sea Dragon

May 31, 2009
My first sea dragon pet was a disapoint. It started with disarmament and went down hill with its talents from there. I got a drop of a sea dragon in the trial of spheres. It also is beginning out like its fellow Dragon, with Disarmament card. I hope the talents get better as it levels or I will find myself with two sea dragons that I can not use except maybe to hatch.
Face it, if you dont play in the Derby you have no need for derby Talents. Sure, Disarmament is a fighting talent but it is not a hitting card or damage card. Like Balance it is in the middle of using in a fight. I rather my pet give me a blade or trap or something I can use.
I may come back later and say I was wrong the sea dragon turned out ok, but so far it is following the same road. I bought first one with crowns and got second as drop. Out of two I hope one turns out worth using.
For those that have had good results with your sea dragon I am proud for you.Perhape what you use it for is what you needed I just have no need for a crown pet to play derby.