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Remove Stats From The Hatching Pool?

Jun 19, 2015
After some research on pet hatching, I had discovered stats were nearly pre determined by the stats in the hatching pool. Some stats will stick through all the way, others will disappear. Is there any way to wittle out certain stats on the pets for better ones on another? I used star fish for sprite on my pets (cuz i dont use crowns)
Starfish - Efreet = Starfish
Starfish #2 - Sun Serpent = Starfish
Starfish #3 - Efreet = Starfish
Starfish #4 - Sun Serpent = Sun Serpent
And my stats ended up like this.

Ice Giver

The first two I was very pleased with, until I saw ice Giver, which was in most of the previous Starfish. Is there any way to confirm in maybe 2 or 3 hatch to get ice giver out of the pool?

Oct 22, 2011
First of all, stats (short for statistics) are numbers. What you're talking about are the talents. It's confusing when people are talking about one thing but mean another.

It's nice to have the healing, but honestly, you should hatch with another Fire pet (if that's what you're going for, I'm assuming). By mixing pets with different school talents, you end up mixing one with the other and sometimes it's hard to hatch out.

There isn't any way to confirm when you might hatch out the Ice giver (or other talents you don't want). I've hatched a couple of times and got what I wanted, but then again, I've hatched some pets 50+ times and still can't get rid of a particular talent.

Look up on Wizard101 Central Wiki for the first generation talents of each pet. That will give you an idea what you're up against. When you hatch, watch where the ultra-rares, common pips, etc are on a pet and find the correlating talent with the original pets. After a while, you'll get to know what talents are what, and where they are situated on any given pet.

If you want a Fire pet with decent talents, you should hatch with another pet, or someone that doesn't have school talents you don't need.