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refilling pet energy

Dec 28, 2008
i think gold should be used to get pet energy to i spent hours watching youtube wairing for my pet energy to recharge whan i got off after a hour only 10 energy had recoverd this made me very angry and so i went out to earn crown items to get crowns for the energy but i forgot that i cant get crowns from selling crown items i got fustrated so i simply left training after i made my first pet adult i hope in the future that pet energy can be bought with gold

Aug 03, 2009
here's how I got my first Epic pet (Hydra woo!)
1. Train as soon as you log on.
2. Train, if possible, in the early morning. THis allows your energy to recharge by evening.
3. Train at night, preferably when your energy is near-max or full.
4. ALWAYS train your pet everyday. Max out your stats, then play the Gobbler Drop on Combo setting. To me, it is the quickest way to earn a "Awesome!" or "Perfect!" rating.
5. feed your pet Rank 4-6 (preferably 5 & 6 past adult) snacks that are the same "school" as your pet. You get an extra 1-2 xp just by matching your pet's school and the snack's school. Check the Bazaar; but Crafting is your friend here!
6. It takes time. Don't expect your pet to reach Epic in a week.
Good luck and happy training!

Sep 05, 2010
Well, you just pretty much explained it all. But, if you payed gold for more energy, everyone would have epic pets. That's why its crowns; sorry!

Oct 23, 2010
Jul 21, 2009
First, thanks for the pet training ideas from the dude who wrote the second post and i think there should be yellow energy wisps in the
Pet Pavilion. Crowns to get energy? KI, frankly this is unfair and just being plain scamming. Why should we wait so long for pet energy. Put the wisps or let us be able to refill pet energy quickly,like health. Some of us have large gardens and teenage wraiths and summer dragons to tend to!!!!

From W.V.S