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Question about pets.

Apr 21, 2010
Hey everyone. Kinda new to this game so I gotta question. I see people with pets that cast skills during battles, but none of mine do. I have tried several pets, have a unicorn leveled up to adult and a sprite to teen, but niether of them cast spells ever. And I see some people have baby pets that cast spells, so I am wondering what I'm doing wrong because I saw a girl with a baby sprite and it cast a healing spell on her so I'm confuse as to why my teen sprite won't do anything.

Any info is appreciated.

Nov 05, 2011
There are two ways a pet "casts" a spell.

The first way only appears the pet is casting. Many pets give the owner a card that they can cast in battle and it will appear that the pet is casting the spell. If the pet you saw casting was a baby then this is they way the cast it.

Otherwise this is what happened: when you start training your pet at the pet pavilion, they level from baby to teen to adult to ancient to epic to mega. When they reach each level they learn both a battle ability (talent) and a derby ability. These talents can range anywhere from increased pips, damage, defense, etc to may cast abilities.full list here:


Many pets do not have the healing abilities in the first generation so you have to hatch with someone who has these abilities and hope they pass on to your pet. There are however several pets that give the may cast sprite ability at teen as a first generation trait. To see the full list click on the may cast sprite ability.

My recommendation is always hatching to get the abilities you want and then train, train, train.

Calamity PixieShade, level 90

Apr 21, 2010
Hmmm. Never mind. My Sprite just cast a healing spell. Must be random I guess. lol. Does anyone know what spells unicorns cast?

May 16, 2009
When you get talents they will show if they cast a spell or not. It's a chance you might not get them though, so keep trying!