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Question About Pet Hatching

Feb 10, 2012
I have a sabertooth and a snowhopper. The sabertooth gives me a card when it's a baby, a blade. If I hatch it with the snowhopper, and the new pet is also a snowhopper, is there any chance it will also give me that card?

Sorry if this is confusing; basically I want a snowhopper with the same talents as my sabertooth lol, and I've hatched three so far with no luck.

~ Kiley Silverwhisper

Apr 29, 2012
The cards come with the pet design, but talent pools can be merged. If the card from your Sabertooth is given at baby, then only Sabertooth pets will give it. If the card comes from a talent your Sabertooth manifests, then any pets hatched from it have a chance of getting the same talent. From the sound of your situation, no, you can't. Sorry.

Feb 10, 2012
Aww. Okay, thanks for answering. Glad I found out before I wasted any more of my time :P