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please read this!!! i'm looking for a pet

Jan 08, 2011
I'm looking for a pet that has double storm damage, and i don't care what it looks like
preferably no selfish talents
i have a:
dreaming levy with fairy and may cast myth spear
Betta fish with may cast amplify and pain giver
Lil siren with with storm critical storm damage may cast windstorm and a selfish talent
charred fossil which i don't remember what it has right now
charred grim horn with pixie mana unicorn and resist

if your interested please reply and give a day/time/realm/area

i am in the eastern time zone for US and Canada
I'm never on between 12:15 and 9:45 (my time zone)
Saturdays don't work,

and someone please reply

Jan 18, 2011
Well I got a Bird From a Card Its pretty Good Its only Acient Thow If my Spelling Is bad Im very sorry