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Please help me with my pets talents

Oct 27, 2017
I recently trained one of my pets and at teen it got 2 ice resist. Then at adult, it went up to 4 resist. I was wondering if this goes for all talents like this, for instance, I have a pet at adult with 4 damage, and if I get it to ancient, will it go up to 8 damage. Also if I get it to epic, would it be 12 or 16 damage, if I am correct. Thanks in advance.

Hunter NightThief 51

Sep 07, 2011
Pet talents that boost your stats, like damage, resist, accuracy, etc depend on the pet's attributes -- strength, will, power, etc. If you look at your pet in your backpack, and mouse over the bars for each stat, it will tell you what talents they influence. The higher the numbers, the stronger the talents. Once the green bar is full "max", that's the most it will get.

With full attributes ___ proof goes to 10%, ____ giver to 6%, and _____ dealer displays as 10% (it's really about 9.6) There are certain talents which boost the pet's stats. We call them "selfish" since they don't help us directly, but they can increase the max values.

Sep 24, 2009
No Talents of a pet goes of the pets personal Stats such as strength, Intelligence, power. You wanna max those sout on your pet to then max your damage and resist given from the pet and. Resist goes from 3,6,9, Same for damage, unless you get a jewel to max your pets stats. Hope this helps you out