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Plague ninja?

Mar 14, 2010
I saw a plague ninja pig in the hatchery today. I'm just wondering where you get it. Is it a drop? A mix? Or from the new Kirin pack? Please tell me if anyone knows :-D

May 29, 2009
It is one of the new pets from the Kirin Hoard Pack. It is a Death pet with a Balance school spell card but the pet get death talents like death-proof,-giver,-shot, etc.

I'm just wondering why this wasn't actually a Balance school pet since Death already got the Fiendish Foo Dog. Balance got a Stone Colossus but no card comes with that pet.


Jan 21, 2010
I guess it is because balance is supposed to support the other schools. They probably expect a balance wizard to have a secondary school.
I don't really like the plague ninja because its card doesn't match its type.
Like how the brown spider pet gives you a life bubble card and happens to be a death pet, and so learns death centered skills.
With extensive breeding you can get the plague ninja pig pet to learn balance skills. If you keep breeding it with a balance pet it can inherit the balance pet's skill set.
I bred a spirit of nature(life) with a snake in a basket(Balance) I was hoping to get a spirit of nature with some of the snakes spell card talents. One time I got a snake in the basket that learned life giver at adult. The spirit of nature I was using to breed didn't know life giver, and the snake wouldn't normally learn it. More frustrating is that even if your pig learns one or two balance boosting skills, it still may learn a death boosting skill anyway.