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Pets that "may" cast an aditional spell

May 09, 2009
Ive seen pets around that "may cast sprite spell" or fire trap or something else. I also see pets that five extra, say fire damage or resistance. Are there only certain pets that have these things? If there are could I get a list? On my fire wiz, i have an adult helephant, dragon, and heck hound, teen burnzilla, baby cloud demon, dragon, and lava spider. On my storm wiz, i have a teen danger hound, and storm serpent, a baby brave piggle, myth leprechaun, brown rat magician, and life scarab. If any of these pets have anything like mentioned above, please let me know.

Flint Thunderblood, level 52 Pyromancer; Celestia

Jack Stormstaff, level 38 Diviner; Mooshu

Apr 30, 2010
Try the wiki on wizard101central. They list all talents and where to get each pet.