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pet talents

May 21, 2011
hello Benjamin dragonflame here.
I was wondering about pets and I have a few questions

1. does it matter what snacks you feed your pet to determine the traits or a higher percentage of a trait like instead of 2% 10%

2. does it matter what games you play to determine traits your pet gets.

3. can anyone coach me through hatching I really want spell proff spell defy fairy friend and spritely

I would really appreciate it if someone could coach me through hatching.

if you are kind enough to do so tell me what time we meet what realm and where in the spiral

really appreciate your time, Benjamin Dragonflame lvl 74 wizard

Jul 28, 2010
Hi there, I am going to try to answer your questions as best as possible here, so bear with me.

1. The snacks you feed a pet, the games you play, and the areas you train them do not affect what talents you will recieve. It is randomly selected the moment it hatches, and they are not able to be affected afterwards. Your best bet is to feed them higher ranked pet snacks, or snacks that you pet likes/loves to help it train faster.

2. As I stated above, it does not matter what games you play. I suggest playing a game that is easy for you, and also enjoyable. My personal favorite is the dance game :)

3.I have quite a few pets with Spritely, Fairy, Healing Current, Proof, etc. I would be happy to coach you through hatching.

My character is Joseph Ogreblood, I'm a level 70 Storm, and I would be happy to hatch with you and meet up on Saturday the 5th (July) between 10:00 and 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Vampire Realm 1. If that doesn't work, just let me know.


May 21, 2011
thankyou sooooooo much thexboxguy but satuday has passed where and when can we meet
thursday would be good for me your exact time and realm are perfect can we meet in the hatchery please message back to see if that is ok

Jun 24, 2011
i can help you with your third question.
i got a unicorn pet that MC fairy, MC unicorn MC black mental and MC sprite it's my perfect pet.
i could hatch it with you so you could get some of it's talents
level 84 wizard