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pet pavilion, boring, no fun,lame? what?

Dec 19, 2008
I don't understand why so many people are quitting because of this new pet update. This is meant to be fun, and everyone seems to be missing the point! The pet system was suppose to be something fun added, like the crafting system. So many people are in a race to see who can get the rarest pet first. If they don't get it in the first few tries, they start to complain.

First off, the hatching price is fine. To change it would be like making it everytime you go to malistare you'd get the level 50 cloak for you school. That ruins the fun of getting the cloak if pretty much everyone else has it.

Secondly, your'e suppose to enjoy your time, not spend it waiting all day on the computer. If you really just stare at the globes for 5 hours, and do nothing else, I suggest you at least take a stretch. if you get your mind off the egg, you'll find it to be a much shorter time for waiting.

If you think leveling takes so long, we'll just shorten the XP bar to about 1 XP per level, so you'll get an epic pet like everyone else. That sounds just fun, doesn't it? Even changing the XP the slightest would make epics more common. What fun is it if you worked so hard on your epic pet and they decreased the XP given?

Plus, I love the 48+ pet combos. I would give my mount for a pet like that!

Rachel Rainhaven level 50 storm
Jennifer Angleweaver level 49 ice

Aug 14, 2009
i was excited about the pet thing coming up, snd i did pet derbies, but then when i reached sergeant, i got bored with it

Feb 09, 2009
Milo Barker will gladly refill your pet energy for 250 crowns, or you can go questing and let your pet's energy refill. while quest/farming you are picking up objects, spells pet food all of which can be sold to get gold to pay for the hatching. umm, what i would call free money. if your pet is not what you wanted, go get more gold to hatch more egg combonations.
for those that are quitting because they don't like an aspect of the game, don't play that part of the game that bothers you. there is more stuff to do all around the spiral. grandmasters that have nothing to do, while waiting on celestia, go out and help others get to grand. you do not have to add them to help them.