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Pet hatching questions

Jul 20, 2014
I was wondering if somebody could help me with a couple of pet questions:

First, if I have a pet that has a low percentage armor breaking skill (My Frosty Fish ended up with 1%) is it possible to pass the skill on to a new pet and hopefully get a higher number next time, or will it always be 1%?

Also, when I hatch do the skills that are passed on stay in the same "Talents" slot? Going back to the frosty fish again, it has last slot armor break which is an epic skill. Would I be able to see that a new pet has a chance at that skill from the last slot being an epic, or could it move to any slot?

Aug 18, 2011
It will increase as you train the pet, and it can pass in a hatch.

The max % of stat boosting talents depends on attributes (strength, agility, will, etc) so the higher those numbers are the more you get when your pet is fully trained.

Talents stay in the same order, but not the same positions, so if only one parent has an epic, you will know if it passes in a hatch, but if both pets have low epic talents, or one pet has more than one epic, you may not know which you have.

There is a Talent Order Project on W101 Central that tracks the order of talents. It is a good tool when you want to know what talents you have. The Wiki lists the starting talents for known pets.

Oct 29, 2013
It's possible to pass on Armor Breaker in any hatch. If it's in either hatching parent's pool, there's a chance the talent will be passed on to the offspring.

The percentage for talents like Armor Breaker, Pain Giver, Spell Proof, or Defy increases through training and filling up the attribute bars (Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will, Power). For example, one of my necromancer's Deer Knights manifested Spell Proof at teen. I hadn't trained him enough to completely fill his Strength, Agility and Power bars (the attributes that determine Proof's percentage of resistance) so he began with 1% or 2% resistance. His Strength, Agility and Power bars are now all completely filled at 250, and he has 10% resist from Proof because of that.

Talents can move up or down a slot or two in an offspring's pool. Depending on what you hatch your Frosty Fish with, you can usually suss out the chances that the offspring picked up Armor Breaker by looking at slots 9 and 10 and seeing if one or both are epic. The T/DAOP on Central can help too, if you know the pools of both parents in a hatch.

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Jul 28, 2014
Yes It will most likely get higher, What is the SAP on the pet. (Strength Agility Power) If it is high, 240-250 it will be able to achieve maximum Armor piercing.

I am sure it is just like spell proof and defy, It goes based on how high the SAP is, So if you have low SAP 200 or lower it will most likely not be able to get the maximum it can get.

For an easier explanation: If you have a pet with 10% spell proof and or 5% spell defy if you look at the SAP it is usually 235+ If it is any lower you will probably get 9% proof and 4% spell defy, The lower it is the less you are going to get. Hope this helps

And yes, It will always be an epic slot. Just like spell proof it is an epic slot but it will NEVER be a common or rare

Mar 03, 2012
Hello there,
If I get armor break and it turns out to be 1%, will it stay that way or do I have to hatch again?
When you pet learns a talent such as Spell Proof or in your case, Armor Piercer, the number will always start at 1% or maybe 2% depending on your pet stats. If you have high Agility, Power and Strength, you will have a higher resist from spell proof. So to answer your question, the amount of pierce you get will increase as you train your pet.
Does talents stay in the same slot when I hatch?
No it doesn't, talents can move around when it hatches.