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Dec 23, 2008
Hello young wizards, i was wondering if anyone knows how to accurately get Pain-Giver. i know that the 2 attributes to increase it is Strength and Will. therefor when i am training my pet i focus more on increasing it's strength and will, but it ends up getting a different talent, this has been happening to me many times and its getting kind of irritating. am i doing it wrong? or is there another easier way to get it? Thanks in advance!

Feb 29, 2012
How you train has no impact on which talent your pet will manifest. There is no snack you can feed it, attribute to focus on, or game you can play that will impact whether pain giver will manifest.
My only advice is to hatch with a pet that already has this talent manifested, and at least have it be a talent that your pet has in it's talent pool.
Even if you have a pet that has it manifested and hatch it with another pet which has it manifested you cannot guarantee that your new pet will manifest it. The chances are higher, but your pet may manifest any talent that is in it's talent pool.
Good luck!